Live Free Tarot Reading Session & Angels guidance for you By Lisasimmi

Live Free Tarot Reading Session & Angels guidance for you By Lisasimmi

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What is a Psychic Medium? Some SHOCKING Facts About Psychics Who Speak to the Dead

Any psychic who gets, or gleans their information from the “other side” is considered a medium. Essentially, mediums speak to the dead, often getting verifiable information that would be impossible for them to have gotten otherwise. Most mediums do NOT predict the future. They won’t necessarily talk about your career, or your finances or your love life. (unless the spirits or loved ones of YOURS they connect to WANT to talk about your love live or finances..:-) Much of the very BEST evidence we have about the survival of consciousness, or “life after death” comes from psychic mediums, many of whom are famous and you will occasionally see on TV.

Psychic Medium Readings – The CHEAPEST Way to Get a Genuine Psychic Medium on the Phone Instantly

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Let’s take a few minutes and talk about psychic medium readings. Now listen: Getting a genuine psychic medium on the phone is one of the BIGGEST challenges for any of us seriously interested in authentic contact with our loved ones on the other side.

Notice More Coincidences – Signs of Your Psychic Ability

This article contains an exercise on how to attract coincidences, and see those coincidences as evidence a psychic awakening. An exploration into potential meanings behind coincidences.

Do Psychics Lie? – How to Tell If a Psychic Reader is Telling the Truth Extremely Fast & Accurate

Do they simply make stuff up to make you happy, or are they truly honest, genuine and AUTHENTIC arbiters of the truth? It’s amazing how often this question comes up in our articles, and it seems like many folks who are sincere about surfing the supernatural surfboard are REALLY more worried about being deceived, scammed and ripped off more than anything else.

True Psychic Readings – The Best Way to Prepare Yourself For Psychic Information (Good Or Bad)

Do Psychics always tell the truth? And what about REALLY bad news…..? Are they going to give you the straight scoop, or will they simply tell you what you want to hear? In this article we are going to take a quick look at the HONESTY behind many psychic readings and get a firm understanding of what really goes on behind the psychic scenes.

Spirits Are Everywhere!

People seem to be under the impression that spirits are only in haunted houses and cemeteries. This is quite amusing to the psychics and mediums that I know since spirits really are everywhere. Who the heck would want to hang out in a cemetery any how? I know my grandma wouldn’t, she would rather be at family dinner!

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Real Psychic Mediums – Discover the ASTONISHING Truth About Genuine Psychic Mediumship

Did you know that psychic mediums have been tested, in REAL scientific environments, for the last 10 years, with completely amazing results. It’s true…and some of the psychic “household” names have not only been part of the research, some have proven themselves to have intuitive abilities that are TRULY off the charts.

Telephone Psychic Readings – The Number 1 Reason Why Phone Readings Are Better (No Bull!)

Are you thinking about getting a telephone psychic reading? Does it occur to you that phone readings MUST be fake?

Totally Free Psychic Readings – The Biggest Psychic Rip Off ANYWHERE Revealed!

Look – I’ve mentioned this more than once in previous articles and blog posts, yet many people seem to “resist” the idea entirely. Just about any good psychic reading is going to have a cost attached to it. You would expect to pay for a good lawyer, a good piano teacher, a good doctor or or a good butcher… Why do so many people expect to get GENUINE psychic advice for free? I truly don’t get it…. and the lower you set your expectations from a cost standpoint, the less likely you are to get an authentic reading for sure.

How Psychic Readings Work – the Easiest Way to Explain Psychic Powers Revealed

How do psychic powers work, anyway? Can anyone give a psychic reading? Isn’t it all guesswork? And how about cold reading? It’s this the “secret” to tricking people into BELIEVING they are really getting a genuine psychic reading?

Are Telephone Psychics Any Good? The Number 1 Reason Why Online Psychics Are an Absolute Must For Me

You want to get a psychic reading, but aren’t sure what to do next. Do I call around and ask my friends what they recommend? Do I look in the yellow pages? Can I hunt around town for a neon flashing “live psychic” sign and just walk in?

Real Online Psychic Readings – How to Get a “WOW” Reading You’ll Never Forget (or Ever Regret)

You want a good psychic reading, right? You don’t want to have to go hunt down a reputable psychic in your area, and you don’t want to scour the yellow pages for a genuine reading that is truly worth your time either. One of the greatest benefits of getting an online psychic reading is convenience. But that’s not all…you ALSO have an unprecedented ability to “screen” a psychic before you spend one ounce of time, or income on their services.

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