Live Tarot Reading Part 2 🔮 Your Questions Answered!

Live Tarot Reading Part 2 🔮 Your Questions Answered!

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Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Astrology For March 2009

Let yourself off the hook from the job of saving the world and to tend to the care and well-being of your own self. Is there anything you need to function better?

Psychic Energy Vampires

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I have frequently used the phrase “psychic vampire,” or “energy vampire” to describe a person who extracts energy from others in order to survive in their world. We have all heard of vampires, who feed on the blood of others. The psychic vampire feeds on the energy of others. However it is not normally a conscious endeavor.

Is Clairvoyance Predetermined?

Find out how someone develops the gift of clairvoyance or whether they are simply born with the ability to see things more clearly. Phone psychics and other psychics worldwide have varying degrees of this special sense.

Clairvoyance is a Psychic Skill

Learn how the ability to become more clairvoyant is within reach. How is it that some phone psychics have a different set of skills than others?

Phone Psychics – Fiction Or Science

Don’t you want to know if phone psychics are just pulling your leg or if the scientific community has debunked any of the psychic myths? Only one way to find out.

Are Phone Psychics For Real?

Have you ever wondered if all the psychics on line are for real? Have you ever called a phone psychic or been tempted to do so? Learn what the fuss is all about.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

How Do Phone Psychics Do What They Do?

Before you can understand how it is that a person who is seemingly a stranger to you (unless you know them previously of course) is going to be able to tell you something about your life and your circumstances, let’s take a step back. Phone psychics are not really as much of a stranger to you as you might think. And, you’re not as much a stranger to anyone else for that matter as far as most psychics are concerned.

How to Be Telepathic

Telepathy is the ability to send and receive signals using just your mind. It may sound weird, but there are actually many people who practice it and many more that are telepathic but they do not realize it. Some people do practice on how to be telepathic since it’s not hard if you follow some rules.

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

On February 17th, 2009, the planets lined up in a provocative fashion, and messages showered from the sky about the coming changes. This article focuses on how individuals tend to change and the cycles they go through on the way to a much better place.

What Causes Premonitions? Premonition Visions Explored

Premonitions are often reported as an profound feeling of apprehension or fear, are misunderstood, and are decided upon their effects rather than the practice, and are not ordinarily in radiant clarity, they are often emotionally commanding enough for us to act upon them. Are we any nearer understanding them?

The Art of Astro Travel – By the Source Channels

In this article I want to give you the purest information from the source on The Combine Art of Astro Travel. In the writings Astro Travel is known has Astro Transcending Proggestrotation. (ATP). ATP is the spirit within the physical body that separated the physical vessel, when separated it can travels outside the earth’s dimension connected through the Koralatal, the Golden Cord.

Science and Tarot

I will never forget my utter shock and disbelief the first time I sat in a Tarot class and the “client” sitting across from me shuffled the cards and handed them to me, and the reading unfolded. I laid the cards out in the pattern the teacher gave us. I then began reading the cards from the descriptions in my notes. The reading was quite accurate and amazed us both. “How in the name of all that is Holy did we do that?” we wondered.

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