Love, Lust Or Loss❤💋💔 All Signs August 13 – August 20

Love, Lust Or Loss❤💋💔  All Signs August 13  - August 20

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Easter Psychic Reading

In a time of peace, family quality dinners, and community celebration an Easter psychic reading is a useful personal development tool. This is a holy holiday and many world faiths and religions gather and honor this special time of year. We have a chance to rest and review how the year has gone so far.

People With Psychic Powers

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Psychic ability can be referred to as metaphysics or extrasensory perception. People with psychic abilities are said to have developed the sixth sense and can sense things beyond normal perception. This ability cannot be identified through scientific studies, but it has been established that there are people with paranormal traits in the world.

A Novice’s Introduction to Dream Interpretation

Everyone dreams, whether your conscious of it or not everyone dreams. Nobody knows exactly why this human condition exists but it provides excellent, if sometimes complicated, views into our minds and souls and provide clues for those that study the psychic patterns in dreams.

Tarot Predictions – Know What Your Future Holds With World-Renowned Tarot Readers and Psychics

Many folks have a desire to find out about the future events in their lives. Often this has a lot to do with the desire to find true love, to know about the future of their career, their health, or to find out if they will be financially secure. Certainly, tarot predictions have been able to satisfy this need in most people, which many have found to be quite trustworthy and accurate if you consult a reputable institution.

The War Between Psychic and Skeptic

For many reasons, psychics have been the target of skeptics for many years. Some of this skepticism is deserved and some of it is undeserved. Here is a look inside the war between the psychic and the skeptic

Need a Psychic? How to Find a Reputable Psychic Reader WITHOUT Being Ripped Off!

Who else is looking for a quick, easy and insightful psychic reading? Are you sick and tired of the psychic SCAMS? Are you frustrated at what seems to be an avalanche of frauds, fakes and “fugazi” fortune tellers and “entertainers” in the industry… when you KNOW there are many gifted intuitive’s available if you can find one? In this article I’m going to answer a few very common questions about finding an authentic psychic WITHOUT getting ripped off, hoaxed or taken advantage of… and without having to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home as well!

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Out Of Body Experience

The concept of astral travel, or projection, has been observed for many thousands of years, dating all the way back to ancient China and is today frequently associated with New Age beliefs and systems.   Generally, it can be described as the conscious mind or spirit leaving the body, either to travel to distant places, times or different planes of existence altogether. As a rule, the traveller will remain attached to his or her physical body via an umbilical type silver cord and some people can see this cord while travelling.

Divination Historically

Evidence shows that various forms of divination – or fortune telling – were in use (and playing important roles in religion and politics as well as medicine) as far back as 4000 BC. Practised in places like ancient China, Chaldea, Babylonia and Egypt, as well as Greece, Northern Europe Africa and many other places, many of the ancient traditions are, though maybe a little “modernised” still used today.

Guardian Angel Readings

Each and every one of has guiding angels, and they accompany us throughout our life’s journey. Messages from these guiding angels, as well as those from deceased loved ones, are sometimes conveyed through the use of angel cards. They will guide us towards and along the correct path and bring comfort in times of need.

Metaphysical Planes Of The Universe

Many common belief systems operate on the concept that the universe is, at least in part, based on the law of 7. We have seven musical notes in a scale, each vibrating at a different frequency; seven colours of the rainbow and there are also seven planes of existence. These seven planes are divided into 3 ordinal (concrete), one neutral, connecting and 3 cardinal(abstract) planes. Each of the ordinal planes is mirrored by its corresponding cardinal plane.

Learning More About Dreams

Are you kind of interested in learning the hidden truth behind your dreams? If so, in this article we’re going to go over a fabulous way of interpreting your dreams that would open your senses to a whole new world of dreams which you have never known existed. You will be be able to know the reason behind the recurring dreams and be able to interpret its exact meaning.

What About Dreams?

At night when you go to sleep you see something in your dream that you were not expecting or had not thought about in a long time. Puzzled with your confusing yet astounding experience, you wake up in the morning looking for an answer or an explanation for it. Sound familiar?

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