Multiversal connectivity 11 March 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Multiversal connectivity 11 March 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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Astrology World Predictions 2015 – 2016

The peak of the Cardinal Climax is coming to an close. It has been an extremely difficult time for many people who lost their jobs, their homes, their businesses. Many went through divorces and separations while others endured natural disasters. It has been a very harsh time. We’ve seen governments get stronger while the voice of the people has grown louder with riots, demonstrations, strikes and widespread unrest.

Remembering Our Superior Inner Journey, The Month of Capricorn 2014-15

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WELCOMING WINTER’S WISDOM! Happy Solstice! When our Sun enters a cardinal sign, it is astrological “law” that we naturally lead off into another season. As we honor our Sun’s entrance into Capricorn The Goat -who asks for our earthly leadership – we can expect our time here to become grounded, as we are called to remember the virtues of patience and responsibility within our lives. With the practical guidance of Saturn in charge of this earth sign, as we officially open the door to Winter, we are asked to find our self-reliance as we are under a sense of restriction, wherein this season of retreat makes sure we pay close attention to the journey within our soul.

A Brief History Of Astrology For Non-Astrologers

Ever wondered what Astrology really is and why it is used? This article will give you a brief introduction to astrology and it’s uses in society.

Why People Still Trust Astrology In The Face Of Strong Opposition From Science

Astrology has been around practically since the beginning of human existence. We have had an intuitive understanding that cosmic bodies that float around in space have a huge impact on human lives. Think about how the moon causes high and low tides of such huge magnitudes on earth.

Allowing Vision Along Our Journey, The Month of Sagittarius, 2014

AUTUMN SAYS ADOIS! It is astrological “law” when our Sun enters a mutable sign, our current season is preparing to conclude. As we experience our Sun’s journey within Sagittarius The Archer – who is our communicator extraordinaire – not only does our time here become spirited, but we are asked to aim towards connecting as well to our body and mind. With the guidance of expansive and ever-aiming Jupiter over this fire sign, we find warmth within the colder days to still be able to embrace the genuine gifts of generosity and discover what is meant to become our truth.

Horoscopes – To Read Or Not To Read, That’s The Question

There are many among us who won’t start our day without reading the horoscope column in the newspaper. They are eager to know what the day has in store for them. On the other hand, there are also a handful of people who label it as sheer nonsense. Thus, the validity of horoscopes has been a debatable issue for ages. So, is there are any truth in these astrological predictions or are they simply meant to be read and forgotten?

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Transmuting Our Desires to the Divine, The Month of Scorpio, 2014

Autumn’s Achievement! When our Sun enters a Fixed Organized sign, we get cozy and locked into the present season. Scorpio organizes us into Autumn, as landscapes and environments completely transform over the month ahead. Being guided by The Eagle/The Scorpion, our time in Scorpio engages our collective energy in death/rebirth, regenerating our core, pursuing passion, and checking in with the sense of power and control of our lives accordingly. Look to your Scorpio piece of the Zodiac Pie to equally find where a channel of transformation can be received, aligning peace of mind for this zodiac month ahead.

Know What’s The Best Career for Your Sun Sign

Opting for a career that does not suit your personality may run your future and ambitions into rough weathers. So in order to realize your dreams of a rewarding career, it makes sense to pick a career that best fits the unique characteristics of your sun-sign.

The Inspiration of Pegasus

In the seventies I lived in a small town of just 400 people in Telluride, Colorado with my family. Whenever someone new moved to the mountains you would meet them within a week or two. John Petrie brought his family up to the high country and decided to settle in.

Astrology for Everything in Life

Astrology is a definite way of knowing your future. Having misconceptions and disbeliefs do not give any benefits. Astrology shows light towards the future. Getting benefits from Astrology is a wise decision. It is just like visiting a Doctor to get medicine when you are sick.

In The Akashics: Maximizing The Energies of the Full Blood Moon in Aries

We have a powerful full blood moon in Aries approaching on October 7th and 8th. Join us as we delve into the Akashic Records realm to discover ways to best utilize this energy and learn about the themes surrounding this spectacular astrological event.

Vedic Astrology and Diamond – Gemstone of Venus

Next we are going to talk about perhaps the most precious gemstone – diamond. Diamond is most sought after gemstone in the business world. You must have watched the Hollywood movie “Blood Diamond” (if not, please do), it portrays the real hardship and business politics involve in procuring these stones; and why we call it diamond!

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