Negative circumstances lead to personal triumphs! 1 October 2021 Gregory Scott Daily Tarot Reading

Negative circumstances lead to personal triumphs! 1 October 2021 Gregory Scott Daily Tarot Reading

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Power of Three

Creative ability is something we as humans use in our everyday life. It is a natural tool we possess and aligns with many of our other natural gifts. The more one plays an active part in using this tool, the more abilities one will develop, to reach a desired state.

A Psychic Peak at Soul Mates

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The term soul mate signifies many different things to many people. Some feel that soul mates are souls that you’ve experienced in past, parallel or future lifetimes. They can also be aspects of your soul experiencing at this time in a different body.

Did the Russians Find a Way to Train People in Using Telekinesis?

Learn about the top secret research the Russians did on the powers of the human mind. Discover how the developed a method for training people in using their mind to move objects.

Legends and Metaphysical Properties of Larimar

Peruse the legends and healing properties of Larimar, an unusual gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic. Learn about the prediction surrounding this mineral.

Chinese Research About How to Develop Psychic Powers With Qigong and Meditation

For ages the Chinese have been doing research about the development of psychic powers through practicing qigong and meditation. In these article we reveal some of their discoveries.

Learn Telepathy by Focusing on What’s Important to You!

If you want to learn telepathy, here’s some practical advice from an ESP and Telepathic Mind Control Trainer on how to develop this psychic ability. Those so called psychic tests will actually hamper your success at learning telepathy, so here’s how to do telepathy the right way so you learn in a context that’s meaningful to you!

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Some Tips For Developing Your Psychic Ability to Do Mental Telepathy

Tips for developing your psychic ability and how to do telepathy. These principles of telepathic mind control and esp skills are often overlooked by many telepathy trainers and telepathy courses, but these principles can help give you an advantage over others who are trying to do telepathy the hard way. Anyone, including you can develop the ability to do telepathy, in fact you already have the basic “equipment” necessary, so it’s simply a matter of training your awareness and the correct states of mind.

Psychic Mindpower Remote Viewing – Can it Be Trained?

Proof that psychic abilities are real. Read about a recent case study where the advanced mind power of remote viewing was used.

Telepathy, Is It Really Possible? Learn About Activating Your Full Potential and Advanced Mind Power

What is this special method of communicating without using physical senses? Learn how people noticed their telepathic abilities. Learn about studies that proof its existence.

Psychic Self Defense

Practicing psychic self defense isn’t has hard as it may seem. Whether you feel you have telepathy or not, you can hone in on your inner psychic ability. Learning to listen to your intuition can save your life.

Understanding Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

Clairvoyant psychic readings can be an eye-opener for many people. But clairvoyants have a long history of controversy. Learn about the history of clairvoyance how to get the best clairvoyant psychic reading.

Free Psychic Readings

A free psychic reading is a cheap way of finding out about your future and if psychic readings are the best solution to your problems. Having a free psychic reading can help you out in so many different ways in your life and maybe even with your relationships. Free psychics are gifted and they can give advice relating to life’s obstacles in your romantic life, career options and business issues

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