NEXT 7 DAYS FOR YOU✴︎ 15th May to 21st May✴︎ Tarot Reading Weekly Horoscope Astrology MAY Tarot 2023

NEXT 7 DAYS FOR YOU✴︎ 15th May to 21st May✴︎ Tarot Reading Weekly Horoscope Astrology MAY Tarot 2023

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Welcome to our weekly horoscope and astrology update for the upcoming 7 days – from May 15th to May 21st. This week’s tarot reading is focused on bringing you personalized insights and guidance for the week ahead. Our team of astrologers has carefully crafted this weekly horoscope to help you make the most of the cosmic energies around you. Whether you are seeking clarity on your career, relationships, finances, or health, our tarot readings have got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the world of astrology and tarot.


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Have you been wondering what the future holds for you? Are you hoping to find guidance and insight into the next 7 days? Look no further because Lisa Simmi, a renowned tarot card reader and astrologer, has provided a video link that gives you just that! This hands-on YouTube channel delivers an array of predictions that are timely and has all the zodiac signs covered. This article covers the next seven days for you between May 15th and May 21st, with tarot readings for each zodiac sign.

What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot card reading is an ancient art of divination that can provide insights and guidance on various aspects of your life. It’s like a map that helps you navigate life’s twists and turns, giving you a sense of direction and purpose. Lisa Simmi has been practicing tarot card reading for years now, and her insights have helped many people find their way and make decisions in their lives. It’s important to remember that Tarot card readings are not legally binding, and decisions must be consulted with a professional.

What to Expect in the Tarot Reading Weekly Horoscope Astrology MAY Tarot 2023?

In this weekly horoscope, Lisa Simmi covers topics like love, career, soulmate, past life, future husband, pick a card readings, and more. The video is time-stamped, with each zodiac sign prediction starting at specific times. So, if you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight to your sign’s prediction.

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Weekly Horoscope for May 15th to 21st with Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Let’s dive into the predictions for each zodiac sign.

Aries ♈

The coming week is an excellent time for opportunities to present themselves to you. Keep your head up and stay alert. Your intuition will tell you what move to make.

Taurus ♉

You’ve been working hard without rest – hooray! The investment in your work is about to pay off. You’ve got this!

Gemini ♊

You’re shining like a star. Everything around you is excellent, and people are admiring you. Your creativity is your trump card this week.

Cancer ♋

You’re being called to pay attention to healthy boundaries and listening to your innermost needs. Let go of anything that’s not serving you- headstrong, warrior personality, dare to heal instead of being right this week.

Leo ♌

The cards indicate that you have been subconsciously creating your future. Trust your intuition and make sure your thoughts and dreams are positive. Keep manifesting!

Virgo ♍

It’s time for a break, it’s essential for your well-being as well as your creativity. Watch out for the urge to work during your rest time. You’ll be in the mood to socialize this week.

Libra ♎:

People value your presence this week. You’re being asked to take lead in group projects. Your essence will make them feel safe and secure.

Scorpio ♏

This week, everything is moving very fast, and you’re required to keep up. Be careful not to make any hasty decisions. Take a step back if you need to.

Sagittarius ♐

Time to sit back and relax- your priorities should be physical and emotional comfort. Embrace and enjoy your home environment. Your work environment may demand your attention.

Capricorn ♑

You need to express yourself more clearly this week. Be concise and assertive, but don’t come across as aggressive. This week is also good for physical health and exercising.

Aquarius ♒

You’re surrounded by love and goodwill. Embrace and enjoy this beautiful moment. It’s time to express your admiration and feelings for those you love.

Pisces ♓

You’re blessed with insight and intuition. Everything you need to know is already within you. Cherish your silence and pay attention to the messages you receive from the universe. You’ll be surprised – trust your inner self.

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Do you need more personalized and specific tarot-readings? You can get a personal consultation and custom tarot reading from Lisa Simmi. She offers various packages to suit everyone’s needs. You can check out her website, which provides an avenue for spiritual growth and wellness.

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You can book an appointment with Lisa Simmi by sending an email to [email protected]. Lisa has helped many clients with her accurate readings and insightful guidance.


Lisa Simmi’s weekly horoscope provides an excellent opportunity for self-introspection and introspection by providing insights to assist you in making informed decisions throughout the week. Her tarot reading with astrology is unparalleled and specific to each zodiac sign. Make the best of the upcoming week and let Lisa’s guidance help you pave the way for your journey.


  1. Are the Tarot Card Readings legally binding?
    Answer: No, Tarot Card readings aren’t legally binding, and decisions made on their premises must be consulted with a professional.

  2. How does Tarot Card Reading work?
    Answer: Tarot Card Reading is done by shuffling tarot card decks, which are set into different patterns and cards picked by the reader. They interpret the message based on the mystery behind the card picked.

  3. Are Tarot Card Readings beneficial?
    Answer: Tarot Card readings serve as maps to help navigate life’s uncertainties, gives direction, and insights. They might be valuable to someone struggling with decision-making.

  4. Does Lisa Simmi conduct Video Consultations?
    Answer: Yes, Lisa Simmi offers video consultations to assist you in the comfort of your own home.

  5. How can you follow Lisa Simmi on socials?
    Answer: Lisa Simmi’s social media handles are Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube_channel- you can use her handles as LISASIMMI.

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