Pisces 2021 ❤ The Devil Returns With Christmas Presents ❤ End Of Year Predictions

Pisces 2021 ❤ The Devil Returns With Christmas Presents ❤ End Of Year Predictions

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Psychic Readings and Relationships – Answers to Two Common Questions Asked of Psychics

Two of the most common questions asked of psychics involve relationships. The first is “when will I get married (or meet my life partner, or soul mate)?” The second is, “is he (or she) thinking about me?” The answers may surprise you.

Great Stories About Mentalism

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Mentalism is a type of magic that involves playing with other people’s minds or reading other people’s minds. But mentalism hasn’t always been limited to just performances. In fact, there are some great stories about mentalism being performed in real-life situations.

Human Aura Energy Fields Meet Western Science Closer Than You May Think

Many people believe the idea of an aura or human energy field is unscientific mumbo jumbo. Yet, the most advanced forms of western science theories are beginning to sound amazingly similar to the theories of man and man’s relationship to the universe taught in ancient metaphysics.

Do You Want to Learn How to Read Tarot Cards?

These books will show you how to see the significances in every Tarot card, whichever deck you are using, how to interact with your subject, and how to use the correct process to answer the inquiries or assess the future of your subject. These books are useful if your a beginner, just starting out, or if you have been doing this for awhile.

The History of the Tarot Deck

Tarot cards are a powerful medium to help foretell and predict your future. Learn about the history and origin of Tarot cards and how they can help tell your future.

Making the Most of a Psychic Reading

More and more people are consulting psychics, but what can we expect from a psychic reading and how can we ensure we get the best from a paid reading? This article explains the role of psychics and outlines what can and can’t / shouldn’t be expected from a reading.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Love Psychic Advice

I wanted to find out if my boyfriend was cheating so I got some love psychics advice. She asked me all sorts of questions about my boyfriend and why I thought that he was cheating on me. I told her all about my past relationships as well as the signs in my current relationship and she told me that my suspicions were correct and that he was cheating on me with a close friend

The Celtic Cross – The Most Popular Tarot Spread

Did you know that the meaning of tarot cards also depends on the way they are laid out on the table, otherwise known as tarot spreads? Learn about The Celtic Cross, the most popular tarot spread.

Listen to Your Inner Psychic

The amazing gift you will receive as you embark on your inner psychic journey is the knowledge that everything you need lies within. I have debated whether I truly had the confidence to share this story. Looking back it seems a bit, well, insane, however I believe it is a valuable metaphor for what people will do to get validation for what they already know to be true. Please don’t make any judgments about my sanity as each step of the way provides insight and lessons that will build on the next.

What is Hermetics?

What on earth is Hermetics? Most people I know have never heard of it, though most have heard of the term “hermetically sealed”.

Interpreting Tarot Cards – Reading For Yourself

The first and most important rule of interpreting tarot cards is that it is a deeply personal process. Paradoxically, this actually makes it harder to get right, although more satisfying when you do. We have written this tarot card explanation to try and help you see what you can achieve, how you go about getting started and hopefully then steer you in the right direction of your own, unique psychic development.

Do it Yourself Tarot – Learn How to Read Tarot Cards Online

Ready to learn tarot card? There are many ways you could learn how to read tarot cards online for free.

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