#Pisces End Of July #QUICK #Tarot Reading #shorts

#Pisces End Of July #QUICK #Tarot Reading #shorts

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I’m excited to share with you my quick tarot reading specifically tailored for the end of July for fellow Pisces. As a passionate tarot enthusiast, I have delved into the cards and their meaning to provide you with insights, guidance, and predictions for this pivotal month. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the realm of the mystical together. It’s time to unveil what the cards have in store for us, my fellow Pisces!


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Hey there, folks! I’m thrilled to share with you a little piece of my journey as a member of the Soulful Revolution Healing Heart Group. Today, I’d like to dive into the mystical world of tarot and explore the end of July reading for all the Pisces out there. So without further ado, let’s embark on this exciting adventure!

  1. The Soulful Revolution Healing Heart Group:

Being a part of the Soulful Revolution Healing Heart Group has been a transformative experience for me. This incredible community provides a safe space for individuals to connect, heal, and grow together. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, emotional support, or a place to share your experiences, this group is the perfect fit.

  1. Birthchart Mastery Program:

As a devoted member of the Soulful Revolution, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the Birthchart Mastery program. Through this program, I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of astrology and how it shapes my life. Exploring the depths of my birth chart has been eye-opening and has allowed me to navigate life with a newfound sense of self-awareness.

  1. MJ’s Tarot Class:

In my quest for tarot knowledge, I’ve enrolled in MJ’s Tarot Class. This comprehensive course has taught me the ins and outs of tarot reading, enabling me to connect deeply with the cards and decipher their messages. If you’re looking to enhance your tarot skills, this class is an absolute game-changer!

  1. Karmic Pathway Bundle:

Understanding my North Node and Chiron has always fascinated me, and the Karmic Pathway Bundle offered by Soulful Revolution has provided incredible insight into this area of my life. Delving into the world of karmic astrology has encouraged personal growth and healing like never before.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

  1. MJ’s Pathfinders Group:

To gain further clarity and guidance on my spiritual journey, I’ve recently joined MJ’s Pathfinders Group. This intimate setting allows me to ask burning questions and receive personalized advice from MJ, as well as connect with other like-minded individuals who are also on their own path of self-discovery.

  1. Exclusive Content and Weekly Live Sessions:

As a YouTube Membership subscriber, I have access to exclusive content and weekly live sessions. These sessions are an invaluable opportunity to gain deeper insights into various spiritual topics and engage directly with MJ. The Soulful Revolution YouTube channel has become a treasured source of inspiration in my daily life.

  1. Soulful Revolution Social Media Presence:

To stay up to date with the latest news, events, and inspiration from Soulful Revolution, I make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and even TikTok. Their engaging and uplifting content never fails to brighten my day and keep me connected with the community.

  1. The Empress Club:

Within the wider Soulful Revolution community, The Empress Club on Facebook holds a special place. It’s a space for women to come together, uplift, and empower each other. The positive energy and support in this group are truly remarkable, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of it.

  1. Soulful Revolution Website:

For a wealth of information, I highly recommend visiting the Soulful Revolution’s official website, soulfulrevolutiontv.com. Here, you’ll find a plethora of resources, including classes, mentorship programs, and opportunities to connect with MJ and the community.

  1. Soulful Revolution Decks and Readings:

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of tarot, the Soulful Revolution website offers a range of beautifully crafted decks for readings. One such deck that caught my eye is the Soul’s on Fire Tarot Deck. The artistry and symbolism within these cards are truly mesmerizing.


In conclusion, my journey with the Soulful Revolution Healing Heart Group has been nothing short of extraordinary. From exploring my birth chart to deepening my knowledge of tarot and finding a supportive community, I’ve found a sense of purpose and belonging. If you’re seeking spiritual growth, guidance, and a tribe that understands your journey, I encourage you to join this magical community. So, here’s to embracing the end of July with open hearts and open minds!


  1. Can I find popular classes and mentorship programs through Soulful Revolution?
    Yes, Soulful Revolution offers a range of popular classes and mentorship programs that cater to different spiritual needs. You can find these resources on the linktr.ee/soulfulrevolution page.

  2. Can I purchase tarot decks for readings from the Soulful Revolution website?
    Absolutely! The Soulful Revolution website provides a variety of beautifully crafted tarot decks that you can purchase for your own readings.

  3. What is the Soul’s on Fire Tarot Deck?
    The Soul’s on Fire Tarot Deck is a deck created by Soulful Revolution and is known for its captivating artwork and rich symbolism. It’s perfect for those looking to explore tarot in a unique and powerful way.

  4. Where can I stay connected with the Soulful Revolution community?
    To stay connected with the Soulful Revolution community, make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok. These platforms offer a wealth of inspiration and opportunity to engage with the community.

  5. Should I respond to anyone offering personal readings via Social Media?
    It is advised not to respond to anyone offering personal readings via Social Media, DM, text, or online comments. It’s important to go through official channels and trusted professionals, like MJ and the Soulful Revolution team, to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the readings.

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