Pisces May 2021 ❤ It’s Time For A Real & Raw Conversation Pisces

Pisces May 2021 ❤ It's Time For A Real & Raw Conversation Pisces

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Mastering The Psychic Gift

Becoming psychic is a huge step forward in your evolution. It’s a skill that can take years of work (mostly on yourself) to develop. It gives you more control over your life and understanding over yourself and others.

Psychic Shaman: How to Build Inner Power

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The terms shaman, wizard, and magician all apply to one who knows how to build inner power. The psychic methods bring one’s personal empowerment to a peak. Work on all of the energy centers including the chakra energy system take place to enlighten the path. Animals give power to those who walk it. One gains heightened vision and freedom to see like the raven and the strength and focused concentration of the bull.

Psychic Insight: Guard the Light

Psychic insight is about increasing the light within. It goes through a series of steps. First you gather the light and work on the process to guard it. This is the psychic’s way of empowerment.

Telepathy and Thought Transference

Telepathy is mind to mind communication without the aid of any kind of device. The human voice remains silent. It is purely consciousness giving feedback to consciousness. The psychic art of thought transference is common in everyday living.

Psychic Spell

The traditional reason to use a psychic spell is to get something you want. Our desires lean towards love, a new career, or some other object of wanting. Let us see how psychics use the esoteric technique of casting spells for the highest good of all concerned.

Love Tarot Readings And The Sun Card

The Sun card encourages you to trust your own intuition when it comes to matters of love. The more you trust in your own ideals, the more you will able to manifest them in your relationships. In love tarot readings, the Sun often indicates the power of following your own heart. The sun assures an entirely new level of connection and intimacy with your romantic partner or potential love interest.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Developing Your Tarot Skills – Tell Me A Story

Many newcomers to tarot feel a little overwhelmed when they begin to delve into the many ways to read and interpret the cards. Standardised meanings have been taught for many years and it’s certainly worthwhile to study these meanings and add your own interpretations as you become more confident. If, however, you’re still struggling a little and really feel that you need some easy ways to cut through these blockages, consider having a go at storytelling.

Personal Psychic Readings

Everyone wonders what the future holds for them, and many people are fascinated with the occult. For those who wonder where these beliefs come from, here is a brief background to one of the most popular psychic beliefs that are currently held: Tarot readings.

Clairvoyant Past Life Readings

Past life readings involve a reader exploring the past life of a client through a series of visions and the use of various additional tools, such as Tarot cards, astrology or numerology, for instance, as opposed to past life regression, where an individual relives their past through hypnosis or other techniques. The clarity of these visions depends a great deal both on the reader and the person seeking their advice. While some will be clear and easily understood, others may be vague enough to require interpretation.

Divination Historically

Evidence shows that various forms of divination – or fortune telling – were in use (and playing important roles in religion and politics as well as medicine) as far back as 4000 BC. Practised in places like ancient China, Chaldea, Babylonia and Egypt, as well as Greece, Northern Europe Africa and many other places, many of the ancient traditions are, though maybe a little “modernised” still used today.

Guardian Angel Readings

Each and every one of has guiding angels, and they accompany us throughout our life’s journey. Messages from these guiding angels, as well as those from deceased loved ones, are sometimes conveyed through the use of angel cards. They will guide us towards and along the correct path and bring comfort in times of need.

Metaphysical Planes Of The Universe

Many common belief systems operate on the concept that the universe is, at least in part, based on the law of 7. We have seven musical notes in a scale, each vibrating at a different frequency; seven colours of the rainbow and there are also seven planes of existence. These seven planes are divided into 3 ordinal (concrete), one neutral, connecting and 3 cardinal(abstract) planes. Each of the ordinal planes is mirrored by its corresponding cardinal plane.

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