Pisces September 2021 ❤ “The Broken Road That Led Me To You” 💲 A Stable Career Opportunity

Pisces September 2021 ❤ "The Broken Road That Led Me To You" 💲 A Stable Career Opportunity

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Witches Book of Shadows – What You Expect From

Usually a standard book of shadows covers the ethics and laws of each tradition of witchcraft. And each coven is empowered to adapt or change or add to the existing book of shadows of each tradition.

The Empress of the Tarot in the Modern World

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The Empress from the Tarot is alive and well in the suburbs! I saw her the other day in a supermarket. She wasn’t wearing her tiara of twelve stars – just a practical, no-nonsense headband. She wasn’t holding a golden scepter, she was pointing a rolled up copy of Women’s Weekly towards the vegetable section. The Empress pushed forward in that direction, herding her brood of young children down the aisle of Woolworths, her trolley already overflowing with food and household goods.

Psychic Thoughts – Are They Real Or ONLY Imagined?

Who else has been having psychic thoughts? Do you have precognition, or see things before they happen? Do you know who is on the phone BEFORE you pick it up? Have you ever had a deja vu experience where you are CERTAIN you’ve been somewhere before, even though you are SURE you never have?

Is it Really Possible to Learn Psychic Powers?

What do you need to start your own psychic development? How much time will it take? And should you use free or paid resources?

Ancient Magic Spells – Why You Should Not Play With Them

People involved in casting ancient magic spells are extremely dexterous and highly adept. You will not find such men so easily around you who make use of the antiquity techniques in order to cast such spells. They would speak with much responsibility compared to other people who deal with the modern methods of casting spells.

Psychic Information – Where Does it Come From and How Do I Get It?

Where does psychic information come from? Does it come from someplace on the inside of us, or does it “live” somewhere out there in the UNIVERSE?

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Psychic Abilities – Shamanism

Today, a Shaman is an anthropological term for describing the sacred rituals used by indigenous cultures to channel and connect to different dimensions of reality. Shamanism is most often used for healing and cleansing. Shamans are really mediums that channel energy. Shamans enter an altered state of reality in order to gain knowledge in how they might help someone. In many cases, the Shaman connects to the spirit world and receives advice or aid from its spirits.

Horoscope Fortune Teller – What to Expect

When you open a site over the net, congeries appear in front of your eyes. Just choose the topic and there are various links present, ready to please at your beck and call.

Discover the Secrets of Curses, Hexes and Spells

In the world of magic, witchcraft and wizardry you will find the frequent mention of words like curses hexes and spells. The former two words have a close association with black magic while the latter has a role to play in both white and black magic.

Psychic Networks – Where is the Best Place to Get a Psychic Reading?

Who else is thinking about getting a psychic reading? Are you considering calling a psychic network or hotline? Are they all created equal… or are SOME psychic services superior to others?

Clairvoyant Readings – 2 Top Tips For Finding A Real Online Clairvoyant Tonight!

Who else is looking for a genuine psychic clairvoyant? Are you sick and tired of listening to BAD advice from your family, friends and co-workers? Does the thought of spending another year spinning your wheels…or NOT making progress in life or in love sound daunting, HAUNTING and all too real?

Online Psychics – The Number 1 Reason I Recommend Phone Readings First!

Who else is thinking about calling an online psychic service? Are you curious what all the fuss is about…..or simply need some good guidance to help with a major life decision? The simple truth is that a good psychic reading can be an easy, affordable and VERY impactful way to help make important decisions, and if you know WHICH services to select, is almost ALWAYS an entertaining experience to boot!

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