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In October 2023, the mystical waters of the zodiac sign Pisces bring forth a powerful message: the spirit has your back, and karma will be served. As the sign known for its deep intuition and spiritual connection, Pisces has always been attuned to the unseen forces guiding their path. This month, the cosmic energies align to offer Pisces a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe. With the ethereal presence of the spirit supporting them, Pisces can trust in the natural balance of cause and effect, knowing that justice will prevail. Brace yourself, dear Pisces, for the transformative journey that lies ahead.



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In the mystical world of tarot readings, there is one name that shines bright – Sonya from Amsterdam. Sonya offers psychic tarot readings specifically curated for Pisces individuals. Her readings go beyond the realm of traditional astrology and offer spiritual messages, finance and career insights, and even a love portion. With her Lumiere Tarot deck, Sonya connects with the universe to reveal hidden truths and provide guidance for the month of October 2023.

The Journey into the Mystic

  1. Arriving in the Spiritual Realm: As Sonya begins her tarot reading for Pisces in October 2023, she delves deep into the oceanic depths of spirituality. Her intuitive abilities and connection with the divine allow her to tap into the unseen realm and interpret it through the cards.

  2. Astrology Reading for Pisces: Sonya understands that astrology plays a significant role in our lives. Being a Pisces herself, she has a deep connection with this water sign and can accurately reveal the astrological influences that will guide Pisces individuals throughout the month.

  3. Finance and Career Insights: It’s no secret that Pisces are known for their intuitive nature and creativity. Sonya uses her tarot cards to explore the financial and career aspects of Pisces’ lives. This involves uncovering hidden opportunities, potential obstacles, and offering actionable advice to help manifest prosperity and success in these areas.

  4. A Dive into Matters of the Heart: Love is a complex journey, and Pisces individuals are no strangers to its ebbs and flows. Sonya offers insights into the romantic aspects of Pisces’ lives, delving deep into the emotions and connections that define their relationships. Her readings provide guidance on finding love, maintaining relationships, or healing from past heartbreaks.

The Illuminating Video Experience

Sonya’s tarot reading for Pisces in October 2023 is available in video format, making it both convenient and engaging for viewers. The video provides timestamps for each section of the reading, allowing viewers to navigate easily to the areas that resonate with them the most.

The Tools of the Trade

Sonya utilizes the Lumiere Tarot deck in her readings. This deck is known for its beautiful imagery and deep symbolism, allowing Sonya to tap into its energy to uncover hidden truths and provide guidance tailored specifically to Pisces individuals.

Aside from readings, Sonya also offers a Tarot School Class. By using the code ILLUMINATE10, aspiring tarot enthusiasts can enjoy a 10% discount on this online course. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn the art of tarot reading and deepen one’s understanding of the mystical world.

Beyond the Cards

Sonya’s talents don’t just stop at tarot readings. She also crafts magic and intention oils by hand, which can be purchased on her website. These oils are infused with an energy that enhances spiritual practices and helps manifest intentions.

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For those seeking a more personal experience, Sonya offers personal tarot readings on her website. This allows individuals to receive one-on-one guidance tailored specifically to their unique situations and desires.

Additionally, Sonya sells handmade crystal jewelry for those looking to adorn themselves with gemstone energy. Each piece is carefully crafted with love and intention, making it a perfect accessory for spiritual seekers.

Connect with Sonya

To stay updated on Sonya’s latest offerings and insights, she can be followed on Instagram. Through her posts and stories, she shares snippets of wisdom, card interpretations, and exciting announcements related to her tarot practice.

Exclusive Membership Program

For those who desire extended tarot readings and exclusive content, Sonya offers an exclusive membership program. By joining, members gain access to a treasure trove of in-depth tarot readings, bonus material, and exclusive discounts on Sonya’s products and services.


October 2023 brings a month full of spiritual guidance and illuminating insights for Pisces individuals. Sonya from Amsterdam, a gifted and intuitive tarot reader, offers a personalized tarot reading experience that covers astrology, finance, career, and matters of the heart. With her Lumiere Tarot deck and deep connection to the divine, Sonya brings forth messages from the spiritual realm to guide Pisces on their journey. Through her captivating video, personal readings, mystical products, and exclusive membership program, Sonya’s offerings are sure to light the way for Pisces individuals seeking answers and clarity.


  1. Can Sonya provide tarot readings for individuals of other zodiac signs?
    Sonya’s expertise lies in providing tarot readings for Pisces individuals. However, she may also offer general insights and guidance that can benefit individuals regardless of their zodiac sign.

  2. What is the Lumiere Tarot deck?
    The Lumiere Tarot deck is an intricately designed deck that is used by Sonya in her readings. It is known for its stunning illustrations and deep symbolism, which helps Sonya tap into the energies and messages of the cards.

  3. How can I access extended tarot readings from Sonya?
    Sonya offers extended tarot readings and exclusive content through her membership program. By joining, members gain access to a wealth of in-depth readings and bonus material.

  4. Can I request a personal tarot reading from Sonya?
    Yes, Sonya offers personal tarot readings. You can visit her website to request a personalized reading tailored to your unique situation and questions.

  5. Where can I purchase Sonya’s handmade crystal jewelry and magic oils?
    Sonya’s handmade crystal jewelry and magic oils can be purchased directly from her website. Each item is crafted with intention and infused with energy to enhance spiritual practices and manifest intentions.

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