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Being Psychic

Did you ever want to become a psychic? Are you already psychic? Being psychic is nothing unusual, but trusting your abilities is something else again. I would bet that each of us has had a “hunch” about something, didn’t act on it, and later thought “Why didn’t I do it”? You can learn to trust so that you don’t have so many of those moments.

Chinese Astrology

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Chinese astrology has existed for over 6,000 years and forms a significant element of Chinese culture. It is built on the foundation of astronomy and developed into an art form in the belief that the position of celestial bodies directly and profoundly impacts human beings and everything naturally occurring on Earth. According to the traditions of Chinese astrology, the combination of an individual’s birth time, day, month and year can reveal not only their destiny, but also personality traits, overall health, lifestyle, compatibility or incompatibility with others and career choices.

Channelled Readings

Channelling is in essence the provision of a bridge between a client and beings residing on higher realms, or levels of consciousness. These beings, spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters and others are often contacted by the individuals performing the channelled readings through entering a meditative or trance-like state. The messages transmitted via the channelling reader are usually designed to provide a person with a deeper insight into themselves, a situation or circumstances and centre on the person’s life purpose, past lives, healing issues, spiritual growth of the individual and also more specific questions.

Tips About Tools and Advice Methods Used By Psychics

A great deal of psychic readers uses some tool or another to perform their readings. Some use tarot cards, some use runes, and others use crystals.

Predictions In A Psychic Reading

People often ask the question ‘What is a prediction?’ While they are aware of the basic meaning of the term, they are unsure whether to see a prediction as something set in stone – something that can not be changed – or whether to regard it as a possible outcome that may be changed.

How To Approach A Love Psychic Spell Reading

Love is a very powerful, complex part of a person’s life. It can have a person feeling anything from ultimate bliss to utter despair. Looking for love, finding the right partner, wishing for a lost love to return or for someone to return love are all reasons why people will seek love spell readings.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Tips About Clairvoyant And Clairaudient Readings

Clairaudient readings are performed by individuals gifted with the art of hearing sounds, music and voices that can not be heard with the normal ear. The word clairaudience is derived from French and means ‘clear hearing’. Clairaudient readings are often intermingled with clairvoyance and/ or clairsentience, which are also basic psychic phenomenon.

Zodiac And Astrological Readings

In both historical astronomy and astrology, the zodiac is a circle of twelve divisions of 30° each of the celestial longitude. These divisions are centered on the ecliptic, which is the apparent path across the heavenly sphere the Sun takes over the year, and are referred to as the zodiac signs.

Tips About Intuition Within Us All

  Intuition is inherently in everyone, although in the majority of today’s society, it is mostly ignored or at best regarded with lack of trust. All too often, intuition is disregarded as a gut feeling or sense of little importance. In reality, developing your own intuition can be very helpful when it comes to making those everyday decisions that appear problematic at first glance.

The Human Energy Healing Field

Human beings do not only have their physical anatomy, they also have an important energy anatomy. This human energy field, more often than not referred to as the aura, permeates the body and also surrounds it. The physical body of a person should be regarded as the expression of energy at the highest density level, and is only one of series of bodies which make up the energy anatomy.

How To Get An Email Psychic Reading

Consulting email psychics is an effective, popular way of getting readings to provide answers and guidance for every day questions or problems with ease. Often used as a back up for phone or face to face readings, email readings are a convenient way to obtain help of a psychic, especially for individuals who have never had readings before. Individuals consulting email psychics are able to carefully consider their questions before submitting them and also have a complete record of their exchanges with the psychic, making it easy to judge accuracy and/ or usefulness of answers provided.

Why Do Psychics Use Tarot Cards?

It’s a reasonable question isn’t it, what can a deck of cards (and with the tarot consisting of 78 cards, that’s quite a deck) and their attractive historical pictures tell anyone about their future or motivations? To begin with you need some idea of how a tarot reading works. The cards are split into two Arcana, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consist of cards such as The Sun, The Lovers and The Fool. The Minor Arcana are more like regular playing cards with four suits, court cards and an Ace. In tarot, these suites are the Pentacles, Cups, Wands/Staves and Swords.

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