PISCES – ‘YOU GOT YOURSELF A STALKER” – April 2021 Love Tarot Reading

PISCES - 'YOU GOT YOURSELF A STALKER'' - April 2021 Love Tarot Reading

What to Ask a Psychic? The Best Questions To Ask a Psychic or Medium

Let’s look at some practical tip for your next psychic reading. Remember, most psychic readings, especially those done by phone are on a time meter..

The Numerology Of Jesus – 888 And Other Numbers – 777 And 666

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Much has been said about the number 888, from interesting material to outright nonsense. In this article I attempt to analyze this number in biblical contexts, along with numbers such as 666 and 777.

Do Psychics Read Minds? (The Straight Scoop on Telepathy and Future Predictions)

Do psychics read minds? How do they predict the future? What is telepathy and how common is it?

The Secret to Psychic Readings (The Difference Between a GREAT Psychic and a Average One)

What is the difference between a great psychic and an average one? Do amazing intuitives just have more natural ability? Are they born with something special, or is it something that they develop over time?

3 Signs You Are Psychic (And How to Use Your Powers for Good)

Who else thinks they MAY be clairvoyant? Have you had a series of strange experiences that seem to suggest you are? Do you often think of people, places or things before they happen?

4 Ways a Psychic Can Predict Your Future (WITHOUT Reading Your Mind)

Can psychics really predict the future? Or, is there another way they get information? Do they mind read? Do they see auras? Are they just guessing, cold reading, picking up body language signals or making it all up?

Psychic SoulMate Sketch & Description - 1 Day Delivery

Rose Quartz For Healing And Psychic Development

It looks pretty, but what are the properties of rose quartz? This article looks at the spiritual, psychic, and healing energies of rose quartz as well as whether or not in can help you find love.

Tarot Devil Card – The Kiss of Judas

Overindulgence and hidden motives are the influence of the Devil. This is a warning to be sure your motives are pure when doing someone a favor today, even though the temptation will be there. You know what they say about Karm – it always comes back to haunt you one way or another.

How to Find a Real and Professional Psychic

Just like in any profession, there are GOOD PSYCHICS and BAD PSYCHICS. How to tell, who should you go to? Use YOUR intuition when selecting a psychic, what do you feel about them, what is their energy like. Meaning do you get a good feeling, a sense of trust, what do you feel about them personally. Ask them how do they bring the information through, meaning seeing images, hearing information come to them, sensing, knowing. Good psychics use all of these skills.

The Love Birds Spell

A full moon gives us the opportunity to release life and energy into a project or venture. By the time the next full moon arrives you should start to see results of your efforts.

The Reincarnation of Arthur Edward Waite

This article gives an account of the author’s discovery of his past life personality Arthur Edward Waite, the famous occult researcher, author, and creator of the Waite Rider Tarot deck. The presence of Arthur Waite in David Almeida’s life has been confirmed by several prominent mediums. Mr. Waite made a significant contribution to the books “Illusion of the Body” and “The First Truth.”

Tarot – A Reflective Mirror

Tarot mirrors human emotions, struggles, fear, defeat and all that is negative that has gone deep into the soul. Other images are uplifting that help to pave the way to rebirth, transformation, balance, justice, success and healing.

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