Practical creativity! 11 August 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Practical creativity! 11 August 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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The History Of Numerology

Numerology has a simple premise and the numbers in our lives carry greater meaning than what me may assume. It has a very long history and it has been practiced by ancient civilizations the world over.

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Are you ready to test your fate with an online psychic reading? Have questions in your life that deserve real answers? Are you sick and tired of wondering whether you are really living the life you were born to live? Each of us has a purpose, and a passion, and in MY view, an authentic destiny and mission to accomplish those things within our lives.

Psychic Astrologer?

Astrology is an ancient technique first formulated by the Greeks and Egyptians which uses planetary activity above, to outline events on planet Earth. Even to this day, one of the interpretations techniques used in astrology, called House Systems, is based on a technique developed by the famous Greek astrologer, called Placidus. Astrology is a hybrid, a combination of factual data of the positions of the planets, but the interpretation is more like an art form. Why? Because there are so many different calculation and analysis techniques, and it a very individualistic process. Each astrologer will develop the mode that suits them best.

Using Runes For Divination

There are different method and tools of divination that have been around from the earliest times. Men have divined issues and anything to which divination can be applied by using cowry shells, diviner’s stones, and pendulum, among other things.

Telling The Future With Numerology

The future can be very unpredictable which invariably means that we cannot at any point in time, know what will happen to us at any time beyond the present. However, by being conscious of the events around us it has been quite possible to make deductions about what the future will most likely hold by the use of many mediums of foretelling the future. One of such way is Numerology which is a way of finding out more about the destiny that people hold and what the future most likely holds for them by making use of calculation…

Physical And Spiritual Attributes Of The Third Eye Chakra

What is the third eye? What happens when this chakra is out of balance? What occurs when the third eye is awakened and/or fully opened? Learn more about this dynamic energetic center connected directly to spiritual and psychic development.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Crystal Ball Divination

It is no longer news that one of the ways for divining what the future holds is by making use of a Crystal ball. The ball is believed to be charged with supernatural powers from the spirit realm and can open up the doors of the unseen and make them visible. However, there are lots of arguments and controversies about the use of the ball or any other tool of divination for that matter to look into the future.

3 Psychic Reading Tips EVERYONE Should Try (And The 1 Question NEVER To Ask a Psychic)

Getting a psychic reading can be a life changing experience. I know that from first hand perspective, as a chance psychic reading changed MY life about 18 years ago, and I’ve never quite been the same thereafter. How can a simple psychic reading change one’s like so dramatically you ask? The truth is, when you have an experience that changes the very core of what you believe, and offers you a glimmer, and a glimpse into a wild and wonderful world that you didn’t believe was possible, it’s safe to say your world view will NEVER quite be the same again!

What Is A Psychic Spell?

Psychic spells are a way of focusing psychic powers through the use of tried and tested structures. A psychic spell is not a spell in the way that most people would at first imagine. This spell is used to interact positively with psychic energy.

The Elements Of Meditation

Learning the art of meditation is a skill like any other. Before you start you should consider what you want to achieve from the meditation that you do. Traditionally there are three elements of meditation. These are approach, practice and integration.

Using A Pendulum for Divination

A pendulum is a swinging device often used in religious ceremonies and for divination. Pendulums are made from a weight that hangs from a rod, chain or string. A handle or free standing support may also be attached to the upper end of the chain.

Angels As Messengers and Healers

Angels are traditionally the messengers of God. The word “angel” actually derives from the Greek word for messenger. They are spiritual beings with great and mysterious power. They are associated with beauty, nature, peace, joy and love.

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