Reach for the stars! 21 September 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

Reach for the stars! 21 September 2021 Your Daily Tarot Reading with Gregory Scott

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What is a Psychic Medium?

A reading with a Medium can take a sitting to a whole new experience to help a psychic to uncover a person’s future. A Medium will invoke spirit to call up other spirits to the Mediums attention or may carry messages between a Medium and those that have crossed over so the reading is not purely just about your psychics abilities.

Psychic Protection, Or Just Remembering to Pack Condoms

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People visit psychics because they are unhappy, they want the things they realize that they probably can’t have, and they hope to be told that the celestial powers are on their side. Similarly, people are drawn into the positive visualization, positive affirmation industry, hoping that they can think themselves rich.

Psychic Love Readings – Learn the #1 Reason So Many Celebrities and TV Stars Swear by Love Readings!

Who else is interested in getting a psychic love reading? If you are anything like the vast majority of people out there interested in consulting with a psychic, the simple truth is that love and relationship readings REMAIN the #1 most coveted type of consultation there is! So why are psychic love readings so popular, and why do so many famous superstars and other high profile people swear by getting them done so often?

3 Tips For a Good Psychic Reading – Learn How to Prepare For a GREAT Reading You’ll NEVER Forget!

In this article we are going to take a look a simple tips you can utilize to maximize your next psychic reading. And why is this an important topic to consider? Well, the simple truth is that many of the people who enjoy our articles have a lot of ANXIETY about getting a reading, right? You may not be sure what to ask…or how much to (or NOT) pay, how long the reading should be, and other odds and ends that are actually important.

Fast Psychic Readings – What is the Best Way to Get a Good Reading Really Quick?

Are fast psychic readings worth it? Or should I wait until I have the time to really invest in a longer, and more complete reading? In this article we take a quick and insightful look at how long a reading need to be to provide real guidance, clarity and benefit… especially if you are on a budget!

Free Psychic Websites – Can They Help You?

Can a free website help you? The first and most simple answer to this question would be yes, a free psychic website can help just about anybody. However, that brings you to an entirely new line of questioning regarding just how the free psychic website could possibly help you. If you have any doubts at all, they should be well relieved by the time you finish reading this article.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Stop! Get Psychic Help NOW! The Best Time to See a Psychic is BEFORE You Need One

Who else is going through a life crisis or conundrum? Did you see it coming…..or did it simply sneak up on you and smack you square in the head? For most of us, the unfortunate truth is, we wait until AFTER we need some psychic guidance to get some. (And I know….I used to do the very same thing!)

What is Mentalism – The Art of Magic

What is mentalism? From kids to adults, we somehow are amazed with stage magic, mind reading and some illusions that have been part of our entertainment since then. Although we generally call them magic, one part of it have also been known as mentalism, though mentalist who performs this art also uses many other tools like hypnosis and mind control.

Mind Reading Techniques and Tips to Become a Mentalist

Magic and mentalism always amaze people – young or old. Most often, when we are amazed by how magicians and mentalists perform their craft or do their mind reading techniques, we always have that excitement to learn how to do it too. But as they say, magic is not for everyone. So if you are interested in mentalism, not as an audience but the performer, of course you need to practice, practice and practice.

How to Get a Free Psychic Reading (Without Being Suckered, Hoaxed Or Ripped Off Blind)

Who else is looking for a free psychic reading? If you are anything like many of the people interested in psychic phenomena and searching the Internet right now for help, you just MAY have your hand held high! How do I know? Well, did you know that one of the most popular “search phrases” related to psychic material online are for TOTALLY free readings? It’s true… and this has unfortunately led to many scams, hoaxes and disappointing business practices that many of us in the business abhor and are embarrassed by.

Why Learn to Use the Thoth Tarot

Why read with the Thoth deck? Often the deck we chose to read with is just a personal choice of what we are drawn to and this is reason enough, if you are drawn to the Thoth then it can work for you as a deck. It may be it is the beautiful imagery, the knowledge that it has been designed with many layers of correspondences or the reputation that this deck will give you very direct readings that appeals to you, or perhaps it is just a feeling it wants to work with you that has brought you to consider owning this wonderful deck.

The REAL Secret to a Great Psychic Reading – The Dirty Little Secret You WON’T Learn in a Book!

Are all psychics created equal? Do I call the cheapest service out there? And what questions should I ask when I call? If you are anything like many of the people who enjoy our articles, you are probably really interested in having a great reading done…but are a bit apprehensive of the right steps to make it happen. These, and many other common questions, confusions and conundrums often hold people back from actually making the call…robbing themselves of the fun, and freedom of getting GREAT insightful answers to some of their most pressing problems!

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