SAGITTARIUS – “Acceptance” APRIL 12TH – 18TH

SAGITTARIUS - "Acceptance" APRIL 12TH - 18TH

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The History of Numerology

Numerology is considered as one of the earliest forms of metaphysical reading and communication. In early days people used numbers, markings and scribing methods to intercommunicate, trade and exchange their ideas. Dating back to 4,004 BC – Egypt and Babylon are recognised as recording the earliest history of numerology.

Understanding Your Destiny Through Bazi

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Bazi is one of two systems of Chinese astrology borne of the Chinese’s fascination with the subject of destiny and their desire to understand man’s purpose in life and the path he has to take to fulfill this purpose. Through Ba Zi, a person can be better equipped to navigate his trek through life. Thousands of years before “Self Help” books weighed down bookstore shelves, the ancient Chinese already devised ways to help man understand and improve himself and appreciate his uniqueness.

Philosophy of Traditional Astrology

Predictions are made every day, but as Robert Zoller points out in his Diploma Course, prediction is impossible without proper delineation. So what does this mean and what predictions are we talking about? The meteorologist studies atmospheric conditions and based on previous events, anticipated occurrences and details too laboring for the layman to research, s/he makes a mathematical prediction of when it will rain, snow or even when a hurricane will make landfall. The astrologer is not much different.

That Poor, Poor Pisces Moon

The importance of a natal moon, in Western Astrology, tells and foretells much of the person’s demeanor and outlook. Embrace the intuition, cherish the water elements.

The Month of Sagittarius, 2011

AUTUMN WAVES ADIOS! It’s time for those stirs of change to come into play as another mutable sign on our Zodiac Wheel is here in its’ fiery form to place the finishing touches upon our preparations for Winter. As Jupiter guides the optimism of The Archer, it is equally the season of abundance and generosity where Sagittarius aims in your life.

Moon Goddess’s Full Moon – December 2011

The Moon Goddess’s Full Moon is on December 10, 2011 at 6:36 am, PST. Start preparing for this encounter three days ahead, ensuring your physical, emotional and mental aspects are ready to connect fully. The Moon Goddess’s luminous moonbeams want to ensure you can link up with the Sagittarius Goddess’s energies.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Famous Men, Who Were Aries

The most interesting aspect of an Aries man is that he wants to conquer his own fears as he is scared in one way or the other. This lends them a unique strength of character which in turn helps them achieve success.

How Chinese Horoscopes Differ From Vedic Horoscopes?

The term Vedic has been derived from the Vedas. The Vedic horoscopy is also better known as jyotish, meaning ‘Science of light.’ The Vedas encapsulated hymns sung in the praise of the lords

An Astrology Guide to Your Sun Sign

The below qualities will not necessarily represent your birthdate ‘sun’ sign. These traits will show where you have major planets and in your house positions. Aries 21 March to 20 April Fire – cardinal Ruled by Mars and 1st House Adventurous and energetic, pioneering and courageous, enthusiastic and confident, dynamic and quick witted, selfish and quick tempered, impulsive and impatient, a bit of a daredevil.

Can Psychic Readings Be Trusted?

Are all astrology readings trustworthy? Can a horoscope, a tarot deck or universal alignment REALLY accurately predict my future? What makes a psychic, medium or clairvoyant worthy of my faith or belief? And how can I differentiate between a reader who is best used purely for entertainment, versus a genuine and gifted intuitive I can really trust?

Numerology of a Sex Symbol: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a cinematic icon and arguably the personification of a Hollywood sex symbol. Was this an accident, or were other forces working to create a destiny from which she could not escape? Her numerology chart reveals many answers.

How Astrological Sign Compatibility Works

There are numerous factors which determine astrological sign compatibility including birth dates, birth months, birth years, placement of a sign inside the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and so on. To get interested in astrological love, you should recognize that what you read in the newspapers is like a snippet of the whole truth and quite often inexact. Much more of that whole truth is revealed when you consult a love compatibility astrology specialist.

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