Sagittarius August 2021 ❀ “Take My Hand Sagittarius” πŸ’² Your Money Worries Will Soon Be Over

Sagittarius August 2021 ❀ "Take My Hand Sagittarius" πŸ’² Your Money Worries Will Soon Be Over

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How to Find Honest Psychic Reviews That Won’t Rip You Off

Why do so many psychic reviews sound too good to be true? Are all psychics really that great, or is there more to the “review” than meets the eye? Are some psychic review sites owned by the actual companies they write about, or is that too “wrong” to be real?

Angel Cards for Dream Interpretation

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Dreams are an awesome place for insight but there are times more clarification is needed. Angel cards or other oracle cards give another side of the story to your dreams. They look at aspects you may not have thought of or taken into consideration. So grab a dream and a deck of Angel cards and have fun!

Ghosts – Real or Fake?

Ghosts are reportedly seen all over the world by people from all walks of life. The events are often random, unexpected and only rarely repeated, but when they are they are often identical. This has led to the theory that rather than ghosts being the cause it is more of a memory of something that happened in the past has somehow imprinted itself on the surrounding environment. The trigger for this memory is an individual with a gift, often a gift that they are oblivious to and the right conditions. So what do spirit guides think on the ‘other side’?

How to Know a Medium Is Real (And the 3 Things Every Good Psychic Offers)

Good question, right? I have to say, even after almost 20 years of psychic writing, research and experiences both personally and professionally alike, the number one question I get from my own subscribers is how to tell if a medium really IS doing what they say they can. The BEST sign a medium is really honest, ethical and the “real deal”? It sounds silly, but HUMILITY is the first thing that I look for. Someone who is SENSITIVE to not only the spirit world…..but to my needs, wants and desires as well. A BAD medium is one who tells me what I want to know, or who insists they are right, even when you insist they’re off base.

3 Ways to Test a Psychic (WITHOUT Spilling the Beans)

If you are serious about psychic readings, you should be SUPER serious about testing or authenticating the information that comes through. It’s always befuddled me how so many people are SO eager to trust and believe the information that comes through, that they fail to apply common sense, or try to understand how easily much of the “insight” they’ve been offered is to guess. (No psychic skill required)!

How to Improve Your Psychic Abilities (Without Doing Anything Weird)

What are the best ways to improve my psychic abilities? Does meditation work? What about music or those special spiritual mp3s that are supposed to enhance psychic functioning?

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Am I a Medium? Discover the Truth About Spiritual Psychics and Genuine Mediumistic Abilities

How common are mediums? Does everyone have the ability to communicate with spirit, or do you you need to be born “special” to communicate with the other side? Or, is it possible that all afterlife psychics and mediums are NOT actually talking to the deceased, and instead just guessing? If you’ve ever felt like you had very special spiritual or psychic abilities but didn’t know where to turn to find out, this article was written with YOU in mind!

Going to Psychic Readers For Guidance

The concept of using psychic readers has been debated for centuries. There are many people who believe that going to a psychic and having your future predicted is hogwash. But for many others, using a psychic has given them guidance.

What Is a Spirit Guide? How to Tell If You’ve Got a “Guide” on The Other Side

What is a spirit guide? Good question! There are 2 very different types of spirit guide references, although at “heart”, they are both different sides of the same coin. The first common reference is the ethereal guide that many spiritual mediums use to help them get information during a reading. Some of the most famous mediums claimed that they got much of their information from those living in spirit, but who had once lived on earth (although not all mediums use spirit guides, certainly some of the most famous do and have).

7 Mistakes Psychic Readers Make

Everyone has psychic abilities. Like everything else in life the more you work at your gifts the greater will be your success. You can apply some basic techniques that will stimulate your own psychic abilities.

Conversations By The Numbers

You have arrived at a party and do not know a soul. Sometimes making idle “chit-chat” is exhausting and you only have one chance to make a good impression. Where do you start the conversation and what do you talk about?

Psychic FAQ: What Is Clairvoyance?

What is clairvoyance? Is it a blanket term that is used for all psychic abilities, or does it refer to a very specific skill? Are all psychics clairvoyant, or only some? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what it means to be clairvoyant, and explore some common questions that many readers ask as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below. What is the definition of clairvoyance?

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