#Sagittarius : Clearing The Decks For TRUE Abundance | #May2023 #Channeled #Tarot #Message

#Sagittarius : Clearing The Decks For TRUE Abundance | #May2023 #Channeled #Tarot #Message

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Are you a Sagittarius looking for guidance to clear the decks for true abundance in May 2023? This channeled Tarot message may hold the answers you seek. Discover what the cards have in store for you and how you can align yourself with the universe to welcome abundance into your life. Read on to uncover valuable insights and guidance that can help you manifest your desires and dreams.

Sagittarius: Clearing The Decks For TRUE Abundance | May 2023 Channeled Tarot Message

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Hey Sagittarians! It’s time to get ready for some exciting news. A channeled tarot message for May 2023 is here, and it’s all about clearing your mind and surroundings. So, get yourself comfortable and let’s dive into what the tarot has to say for you.

Focus on Clearing Clutter in Your Mind and Surroundings:

First and foremost, the message emphasizes clearing clutter in your mind and surroundings. Sagittarius, you have been carrying a lot of baggage with you, and it’s time to let it go. Focus on decluttering your mind from negative thoughts and filling it with positive affirmations. Clearing your physical surroundings is equally important, so get rid of any unnecessary items and create space for new positive energy.

Infinite Abundance and Smooth Sailing are Possible:

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The reading emphasizes that infinite abundance and smooth sailing are possible for those who are committed to the process. Sagittarius, the universe is conspiring in your favor, and you should trust the process. Keep your focus on your goals, and you will manifest anything you desire.

Mercury Retrograde Until Mid-May, Jupiter Squares Pluto in the Middle of the Month:

The tarot message warns about two significant astrological events happening in May. Mercury retrograde will be in effect until mid-May, so it’s essential to be cautious in your communication and double-check things before moving forward. Additionally, Jupiter squares Pluto in the middle of the month, indicating a time of struggle and conflict. Sagittarians should keep a level head and avoid confrontations during this time.

Too Much Focus on Small Details Causing Static, Need to Focus on Bigger Picture:

The tarot emphasizes that Sagittarius’ tendency to focus too much on small details is causing static in their lives. It’s time to shift focus from the micro to the macro level and view the bigger picture. Don’t get stuck in the small details; instead, focus on the bigger picture and let the universe take care of the rest.

Love is Coming in by the End of the Year:

The tarot message brings good news for Sagittarians looking for love. Love is coming in by the end of the year, so keep an open heart and trust the timing of the universe. If you’re already in a relationship, be ready for deeper connections and stronger bonds.

Gemini Present, Sagittarius Should Try to Shift Focus from Micro to Macro Level:

The tarot reading indicates that a Gemini present in Sagittarius’ life, and it’s time to shift focus from the micro to the macro level. Gemini’s dynamic energy will help Sagittarians view things from a different perspective, and it’s essential to take advantage of this opportunity.

Three, Four, Five, and Six Cards Present, with Sagittarius at the Center of Everything:

The tarot reading reveals that the three, four, five, and six cards are present in this reading, with Sagittarius at the center of everything. It’s time to take charge of your life and focus on the big picture. Embrace the infinite abundance of the universe and trust that everything will work out for the best.

Soulful Revolution Offers Classes, Mentorship, and Tarot Readings:

If you’re looking for guidance and support during this time, Soulful Revolution offers classes, mentorship, and tarot readings that can help you on your journey. The tarot message encourages Sagittarians to seek out support when needed and take advantage of the available resources.

Follow Soulful Revolution on Social Media for More Content:

Finally, the tarot message urges Sagittarians to follow Soulful Revolution on social media for more content and guidance. Stay connected, and keep the positive energy flowing. Remember, the universe is conspiring in your favor, and it’s time to clear the decks for true abundance.


So that was the channeled tarot message for Sagittarius in May 2023. The message emphasizes clearing clutter, focusing on the big picture, and staying positive no matter what. Remember to take advantage of the available resources and stay connected with Soulful Revolution for more guidance. And always trust the timing of the universe. Now, let’s move on to some exciting FAQs.


  1. Is this tarot message specific to me, or is it general for all Sagittarians?
  • This tarot message is general for all Sagittarians.
  1. How often should I seek guidance from tarot readings?
  • It depends on your personal preference and situation. Some people seek guidance regularly, while others only when they’re facing significant changes or challenges.
  1. How do I clear clutter from my mind and surroundings?
  • Start by doing a physical declutter of your space, getting rid of anything that is no longer needed. For clearing your mind, practice meditation, journaling, and positive affirmations.
  1. What should I do during Mercury retrograde and Jupiter square Pluto?
  • Be cautious in your communication, double-check things, and avoid confrontations as much as possible.
  1. Can I expect true abundance in my life after following this channeled tarot message?
  • Yes, infinite abundance is possible, but it’s essential to stay committed to the process and trust the timing of the universe.

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