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Welcome, fellow seekers of enlightenment and spiritual wisdom! Today, we delve into the insightful world of tarot and explore what the cosmos have in store for our Sagittarius friends in the upcoming month of April 2023. The energies are strong and interwoven, reminding us that everything in our lives is connected in a profound and meaningful way. So, let us join forces and embark on this spiritual journey together, as we tap into the divinatory guidance of the tarot and unveil what the universe has in store for us. Are you ready? Let’s unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and discover the hidden gems of wisdom that await us.



Welcome to a spiritual tarot reading for Sagittarius for April 2023. This reading is designed to give insights into your path, both spiritually and emotionally. It is meant to help guide you through the various cycles and patterns of your life, and to aid in your journey towards personal growth and development. In this reading, we will explore the energy of the month and the impact it may have on your life.

The Video

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The video is a tarot reading for Sagittarius, and it is embedded in this content. The reader is a talented spiritual expert who provides private readings, though these are currently closed. You can follow the reader on social media, including checking out their Instagram account that has fun content, and their Facebook page. Donations are accepted for the channel through PayPal, and the PayPal link is provided.

To receive a personal reading, it is recommended to check out the reader’s website for their service availability.


The energy for Sagittarius in April 2023 is all about connection. You may feel a strong pull towards people, community, and your inner self. It’s time to recognize the value of your relationships and the role they play in your life. Take time to build deeper connections with loved ones, and even new people that come into your life. This is a month to focus on your personal growth and well-being.


This reading uses a five card spread to provide guidance and insight into your life.

  1. The first card represents the energy of the month: The Wheel of Fortune. This card suggests that you will experience new opportunities that can be fruitful for your future. It’s important to stay alert and seize the opportunities that come your way.

  2. The second card represents challenges you may face: The Chariot. This card suggests that you may find obstacles in your path. It is important to stay focused on your goals and not give up in the face of adversity.

  3. The third card represents guidance: The Tower. This card suggests that you may experience significant changes in your life. It’s important to have a positive outlook towards the future and stay grounded in your own truth.

  4. The fourth card represents unexpected events: The Magician. This card suggests that you may be presented with unexpected opportunities, and that it is important to stay alert and open-minded towards them.

  5. The final card represents the outcome: The Sun. This card suggests that a period of happiness and success is coming your way. Through hard work and positive attitude, you will overcome the challenges and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


April 2023 is a month of connection, where you can build deeper relationships with those around you. Be prepared for new opportunities and face your challenges with focus and perseverance. Unexpected events may surprise you, but stay alert and open-minded and success will come your way. Remember to check out the reader’s website, where you can find more information on private readings as soon as they become available.

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  1. How often should I seek a tarot reading?
  • It’s up to you! It’s recommended to get a reading once a month to help maintain focus and direction, but it ultimately depends on your personal preference and needs.
  1. How can I be sure the readings are accurate?
  • The readings are based on the energy at the time of the reading, as well as the reader’s intuition. It’s important to keep an open mind and take what resonates with you.
  1. What can I expect from a private reading?
  • Private readings are designed to give more personalized guidance and insight into your life. The reader will provide in-depth responses to your questions and focus on your specific needs and goals.
  1. Can I follow the reader on social media?
  • Yes, you can! The reader has an Instagram account with fun content, and a Facebook page.
  1. Is there a fee for the readings?
  • Donations are accepted for the channel through PayPal, but private readings will have a fee. Check out their website for more information on service availability.

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