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What Do Different Aura Colors Mean?

The human aura is a fascinating thing, and can provide lots of information about a person, including about their states of health and mind. Learning to read the aura involves gaining an understanding of what the different aura colors mean. Although everybody’s aura is different, there are some generally accepted guidelines when it comes to interpreting aura colors.

Do You Know How to See Auras? If Not, You Can Learn!

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Seeing auras is quite an unusual skill these days, and most people believe that only a lucky few are born with the ability. However, this isn’t the case. Being able to view auras is something that just about anybody can learn to do given enough commitment and practice. But how do you learn to see auras?

Where to Find Help From Psychics

Psychics are reputed to be individuals who can receive and process information from sources other than the expected and typical ones. When you get information during the normal life course, it is likely that you learn it by listening to what another individual is saying.

Do You Really Know?

If you are lucky enough to know everything, and believe that anything you do not know about, is not worth knowing, then do not bother to read any further. Being clever is not necessary a gift, it is simply the ability to absorb information, and more importantly, the ability to remember it. Being interested in a subject helps, but even if you are disinterested and have the ability to remember what you have been taught or read then the knowledge with label you as “clever”.

The Third Eye, The Psychic Eye

The psychic eye has long been known as the connection between the physical and spiritual world. Psychic abilities increase with the awakening of the third eye.

Development of Psychic Powers – ESP

Some time back a book written by Peter Hurkos ‘Psychic’ was published. In this book Peter Hurkos claimed that during the second world war he was window cleaner in Holland. While he was cleaning a window a German Air raid took place.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Free Psychic Chat Rooms – Do They Help?

The fact that chat rooms exist is not unknown to you any longer. It is not unusual to receive advertisements for chat rooms in your mobile phone. With the help of these sites you can share your activities, look forward to get involved in a new bond or make new business networks for the growth of your business at a minimal cost.

Tarot Cards Have Layers of Meaning

Let’s say that the 10 of swords is in the far past. Then the events of the day may focus around or be a result of something that was fairly dramatic in the past. That drama could be a “stab in the back” which was actually some fairly damaging gossip, or it could have been a time when you broke an ankle or had a car accident.

Shuffling the Tarot Cards

Regarding shuffling the cards prior to making a layout: You were emphasizing consistency. I shuffle and divide the cards exactly as you were showing in class. You showed shuffling in three steps (“three-step shuffling” process). Is it important to do the shuffling the same number of times for consistency? For example, repeat the “three-step shuffling” process five times prior to dividing the cards into three piles?

Timing in the Tarot Reading

The far past represents whenever the seeds were planted for this issue. So if a person is going to lose their job that day, the far past may have been the day the boss received a negative report about the person or the day the employee broke an ethical code. The card in that position may reveal details of the originating event.

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What Makes a Great Tarot Reader

To be a great tarot reader does not always mean that a person has been at it for ten or twenty years. The person does not have to spend hundreds of dollars in certification. Let us examine further to know what truly makes a great tarot reader.

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