Scorpio 2021 ❤ Communication Creates A Deeper Emotional Bond Scorpio ❤ End Of Year Forecast

Scorpio 2021 ❤ Communication Creates A Deeper Emotional Bond Scorpio ❤ End Of Year Forecast

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Numbers in Numerology – Meanings Revealed

Numerology is a fascinating practice that has proven to vast number of people that it is highly accurate. It’s so accurate that many people even call it a science because of its mind boggling ability to predict events and give readings of yourself and others around you. Numbers are the most important aspect of numerology. Meanings of them can differ from numerologist to numerologist but the essence of the number remains the same. Here I’ve compiled a simple list for reference and to interpret numbers that you find within yourself and the relationships around you.

How to Read Tarot Cards – A Quick Introduction

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To learn how to read tarot cards you need to decide which tarot cards you want to use. Picture tarot cards are a good choice if you are just starting as the pictures are great guides and you can learn as you go.

How to Become Psychic

Many individuals believe that psychics are born and cannot be made but you too can learn how to become psychic. Many individuals unlock their psychic abilities after a traumatic or severe event, many times a near death experience. Other psychics practice and acquire their skills.

Simple Formula For Learning Tarot

This is your free tarot learning guide. In this short article, I intend to explain the art of tarot reading through a simple formula. The first step in learning tarot by most popular beliefs is – know your cards. It is extremely critical to know your cards but in my opinion it is even more imperative to – know your inner self.

More on Tarot Reversals, With Particular Reference to the Tower

Think of a reversal as a blockage or perhaps a lack of self-confidence about achieving your desired outcome. However with the ‘darker’ cards (Swords, for example), a reversal can indicate that the worst is over. The Tower reversed often indicates dismantling structures in your life, for example in the reading for a client whose baby arrived two months early.

The Lenormand Oracle – How to Consult The Cards

In the Lenormand Oracle, some cards represent people, some objects and others matters or concerns, although a few of the cards can represent different things depending upon its position within a layout in combination with other cards. Some cards are positive, some negative and, again, some depend upon position. Unlike the Tarot, the card meanings do not change when the card is reversed so it is as well to keep all the cards upright to make the reading easier.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Sixth Chakra – The Brow Chakra

Sixth Chakra, or Ajna Chakra or Brow Chakra is situated just above the nose, between the eyebrows. Famously known as the Third Eye. It is linked to the pituitary gland and associated with the element Space or Ether. The Sixth Chakra represents vision of life, self-knowledge, the ability to discern, creative imagination, clarity and unity.

Painting the Bones – An Artist’s Guide to the Death Card

With the first crocuses out in the garden, it’s a little odd to find my thoughts centering on death – and the tarot Death card. The latter is often depicted as a skeleton wielding a scythe and cutting down King and commoner alike. Given that the first tarot decks appeared shortly after the Black Death raged through Europe, this view of Death is not surprising.

Simple Ways to Harness Your Psychic Powers For Creative Visualization

Creative visualization can be an incredibly powerful magical tool, but what do you do if you are visualization-impaired, meaning you can’t see anything with your mind’s eye? This article gives you other ways to harness your psychic abilities besides straight visualization.

How to Learn Mental Telepathy

I have wanted to know how to learn mental telepathy since 1991. It was Earth Day and I was an eighteen year old college freshman.

Numerology Meaning For You

Numerology meanings are not engraved in stone. They can be improved upon.

Psychic Reading by Phone

Psychic reading by phone is a quick and easy way to find out anything that is on your mind. Are you looking to see what is going to happen in the future? How about if you are going to be successful? These are some of the everyday questions that are asked and answered by legitimate psychic phone operators.

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