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The Joker Tarot Card Explained

The tarot card consists of forty cards. Each of these cards has a different meeting, and the tarot card reader has to decipher the meaning behind the tarot cards that show themselves. Here are the meanings behind some of the cards in the tarot deck.

Psychic Series: The Empress Card Explained

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The Empress card is one of the important tarot cards in the tarot card decks. The Empress card can have a couple of meanings, as its meaning changes when they couple with other cards and when it is individual.

Getting the Most Out of Your Tarot Card Reading

A tarot card reading is an important activity for the tarot card reader, as well as the person who wishes to have the reading carried out. Therefore, it is very important that the tarot card reader take into consideration the aspects that would make the tarot card reading a success.

A Short History of Geomancy

The word geomancy was derived from the Greeks language, meaning earth prophecy. However, these methods of divination didn’t originate with the Greeks. Geomancy is far older than any written materials in existence.

Psychic Predictions 2011: Flood and Earthquake Predictions

The psychic prediction forecast for the year of 2011 is shocking so far as floods and earthquakes are concerned. The new energy that filters from the Solar Logos down upon the earth, plus the physical upheaval reactions of Gaia our home planet, is putting a vast strain upon humanity. These are fore warnings of tough times to come. The apocalypse is more of a long transition of progressive earth changes that includes flood, famine, plague, and earth changes rather than one huge overnight episode of calamity as told by the Mayan 2012 galactic alignment calendar.

Psychic Reader: How to Practice Your Own Reading Skills Like Psychics

Imagine being able to be your own psychic reader. You will then be able to give yourself readings just like professional psychics. There is a lot you can do to sharpen your psychic skills at home. You will find a basic knowledge of clairvoyance a big plus for love and romance, career, and all kinds of human relationships. Your intuition will grow and you will become more in tune with your feelings.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

How to Block Psychic Spells and Black Magic

The ability to block spells and dark forces is a useful one to have because there are lots of it around these days. Sadly the fact is psychic black magic is alive and well in 2011. It is flourishing. Many kind, generous, and unsuspecting people have complained about being the victims of dark and evil forces. The black arts are alive and well in our modern age.

Tarot Card Readings: How Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?

Is there anyΒ science behind how a Tarot Reading can predict ones future? Science of course is now just catching up to how a Tarot Reading can predict the future.

How Psychic Information About Others Can Benefit You

What do You do with psychic or energetic information you have about someone when they haven’t asked for your input? If You come across information about…

Different Types of Psychic Mediums

There are different types of psychic mediums. Some use clairvoyance, which is the ability to see things, others use clairsentience which is sensing emotions and thoughts of spirits, and yet others use clairaudience which is the ability to hear things.

Can a Psychic Medium Really See the Paranormal?

A psychic medium is a person with a superior sensitivity which allows them to sense the paranormal. This allows them to communicate with souls of people who are dead.

How to Choose a Tarot Reader for Your Tarot Reading

There is nobody in the world that has not had those delicate moments when they would like to know what is going on with their lives and what the immediate and long-term future beholds for them. Some of the ways that people take to get an insight into their future is tarot reading and astrology.

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