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In this love tarot reading, we delve into the mysterious and passionate world of Scorpio. Whether you’re a Scorpio yourself or have found yourself attracted to one, this reading offers insights into the dynamics of a Scorpio’s love life. With a focus on the theme of “you vs them,” we explore the lingering feelings and intense connections that Scorpios are known for. So sit back, relax, and get ready to uncover what the tarot has in store for you and your Scorpio love interest.


If you’re a Scorpio, you are known for your intense and passionate nature, especially when it comes to love. However, even the most passionate lovers can have moments of doubt and confusion. That’s where Tarot Time with Dana comes in. In this article, we will explore a recent Tarot reading video that delves into the question of whether a Scorpio is in a “you vs them” situation when it comes to love.


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Recently, Tarot Time with Dana uploaded a new video on their website, where the focus is on Scorpio and their love life. The video is titled “SCORPIO | A LINGERING FEELING… | YOU VS THEM LOVE TAROT READING ❤️”, and I had the pleasure of watching it and being blown away by the accuracy and depth of the reading. So, let’s dive into the details.

The Tarot Reading

  • The reading starts with the question of Scorpio’s love life: Is Scorpio in a situation where they’re pitted against someone else when it comes to love?
  • The Tarot cards reveal that Scorpio has been feeling a deep sense of lingering for someone for a very long time now, and they just can’t shake it off.
  • The cards suggest that there is indeed someone who is a potential rival in Scorpio’s love life.
  • However, the reading also reveals that this other person is not a significant threat, and Scorpio has the upper hand.
  • The cards suggest that Scorpio needs to be confident in their own power and not worry too much about this other person.
  • Overall, the reading encourages Scorpio to go after what they want in their love life and not let any potential rivals stand in their way.

Private Readings

If you’re interested in a private Tarot reading, unfortunately, they are closed at the moment on the website. However, you can stay tuned to for updates on when private readings will be available again.

Additional Fun Stuff

While private readings may be closed, there’s still plenty of fun stuff to check out on Tarot Time with Dana’s website and social media accounts. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Instagram account – tarottimewithdana – is a great place to get daily Tarot card readings and other fun content related to all things Tarot.
  • Facebook page – Tarot Time with Dana – is another great source of daily Tarot updates and fun content.
  • There’s also a donation link available on the website if you feel so inclined to support the work of Tarot Time with Dana. Just make sure to put “donation” in the subject line!
  • If you’re interested in making a donation, you can use the PayPal link provided on the website –


Overall, the Tarot reading video “SCORPIO | A LINGERING FEELING… | YOU VS THEM LOVE TAROT READING ❤️” provides valuable insight for Scorpios who may be struggling with doubts or fears in their love life. The cards suggest that Scorpio is in a strong position when it comes to love, and any potential rivals should not be a cause for alarm. While private readings may currently be closed on, there’s still plenty of fun Tarot content to explore on the website and social media accounts. Don’t forget, if you’re feeling generous, there’s also a donation link available.


  1. How often are new Tarot videos uploaded to
  • There is no set schedule for new Tarot videos, but you can stay tuned to the website or social media accounts for updates.
  1. Can I request a specific Tarot reading for myself?
  • Unfortunately, private readings are currently closed, so no specific requests can be made at this time.
  1. Are the Tarot readings on free?
  • Yes! All Tarot reading videos on are completely free to watch.
  1. Do I need any special equipment to watch the Tarot reading videos?
  • No, all you need is a device with an internet connection and the ability to play videos.
  1. Who is the creator of Tarot Time with Dana?
  • The creator of Tarot Time with Dana is a skilled Tarot reader known simply as Dana.

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