SCORPIO – “It’s Within You” APRIL 12TH – 18TH

SCORPIO - "It's Within You" APRIL 12TH - 18TH

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Princess Diana – The Double-Edged Sword of Fame and the 5/9 Grand PC Couplet

Prince Diana lived a life in which she was both loved by the public and hounded by the press and paparazzi, thus creating a double-edged sword of fame. Why was this? What can the science of numerology tells us about this well-known aspect of her life and destiny?

Have I Lived Before? The Mind Blowing Truth About Karma, The Universe and YOU!

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“It was as if someone had shown me a picture of the galaxy, with millions and billions of little dots of light, and said… THIS is where God lives, and this is where you’ll return when it’s your time to come home. It was really heady stuff for a 9 year old.” I listened to that quote last night, while watching a cable TV show on near death experiences, as a grown man recounted the strange cosmic trip he took as a child, after being clinically dead for 5 minutes.

Living in a Universe of LOVE: The Karma of Connection And Spiritual Soulmates

What is the “Karma of Connection?” Is it real, or just a bunch of new age nonsense? Are we born with soul-mates and spiritual partners, or is finding true love really just good luck, chance and circumstance? And why are so many people SO unhappy when it comes to their relationships? Isn’t it better just to be alone… rather than to be in a bad marriage, or relationship instead? In this article we are going to talk about how your KARMA and love life intersect, and how I believe that all of us are born with true love hardwired into our reason for being here in the first place. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look at this controversial topic below!

Birth Chart Astrology: Is Jupiter the Lucky Planet?

A look at Jupiter’s reputation for being known as a beneficial planet. Because its energy is one of expansion it moves us to improve ourselves and to seek for more. Describing the energy behind this planet will help in understanding Jupiter’s motivation in your Birth Chart.

Help! Am I Remembering My Past Lives Or Just Going Crazy? (Do THIS Before It’s Too Late)

Is a constant sense of Deja vu common? Is “remembering” people, places and events I’ve never encountered before normal or a sign that something is wrong? What about dreams where I can remember vivid details of other countries, cultures and continents I’ve NEVER visited… with specific images that seem to be from another time period altogether?

Why Is My Karma Bad? How to Change Your Luck For the Better Forever!

Why is my karma so bad? Why do I seem to have a perpetual plate of bad luck that never seems to go away? Did I do something wrong in a previous life? Or, am I doing the wrong things in this one, and simply don’t know any better? Why do SO many other people keep getting things to fall their way…

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Fortunes of the Chicken/Rooster in Dragon Year 2012-13

Your birth year, the Eleventh Sign of the Chinese Zodiac, reliable and refreshing Rooster? Are you 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 (and so-on in 12-year increments) between 28th Jan 2017 and 15th February 2018 (Rooster/Chicken Year’s end)?

The Love Planets Steer the Matters of Your Heart

First, I look at the Moon position to inquire about the reigning needs of your heart and soul. The Moon is telling me what is needed for you to experience happiness and joy. Second, I look at your Venus to know about the specifics of your requirements with intimacy for successful relationships. Third, the position of your Neptune tells me about your striving for unconditional love and how you can achieve the higher perspective of oneness and harmony in a deepening connection with the divine.

Lunar Astrology With a Cancer Full Moon Jan 8 and Aquarius New Moon Jan 22, 2012

In an astrological reading we can see how the individual is touched by the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. These planets are the culprits, symbolizing the profound changes happening at this crucial time on this planet. Knowing what is going on for you personally, looking at it from a higher perspective, will help you to better adjust and consciously choose better ways to deal with the situation. Depending on which planet is impacting you the most will determine whether the highest frequency of your contribution is that of a rebellious spirit, an accomplished organizer, a radical individualist or a spiritual guide and teacher.

Living Your Sun Sign – Astrological Predictions for January 2012

In January, Sun and Pluto will be in conjunction and setting a more radical tone for what needs to change in our political and economic structures. The Occupy Movement around the country has the potential to spark a deep transformation of society. And, as Marianne Williamson says: “We have to keep it smart, non-violent and growing…” Tune in to your message from the stars…

Lunar Impressions With a Leo Full Moon Feb 7 and a Pisces New Moon Feb 21, 2012

Visions, ideals and higher consciousness started pouring forth with the Aquarian New Moon in January and with it a stirring of the revolutionary spirit deep within each one of us. Aquarius is the archetype of rebellious individualization, listening to soul guidance from within instead of following learned paradigms and social conditioning. This month the full illumination of consciousness is represented by the Sun Mercury conjunction in Aquarius and reflected by the Full Moon in Leo. With the Sun and Mercury, more Aquarian frequencies are bringing the potential of a higher consciousness available to the collective. With this you might just get ready for a new level of insights and breakthroughs.

Is Reincarnation Real? How to Discover Your Authentic Self Through Past Life Memories

Is reincarnation true? Have I lived before, and if I have… who was I? (and who am I NOW?) Who was I in a past life, or previous incarnation and what does that mean to the life I’m living today? What is the best technique for remembering past lives now, and validating that my memories are in fact true? Do some past life memories fall into the venue of wishful thinking, or delusions of grandeur?

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