Self Care Oracle Guidance #shorts Tarot Reading

Self Care Oracle Guidance #shorts Tarot Reading

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Don’t Get Scammed by a Psychic

Do you believe in psychics? If so, you should always do your research before getting a psychic reading. There are lots of low lifes out there, ready to scam people when they are at their most vulnerable and hopeless. These scammers will do anything for money and do not think of the consequences.

Psychic Energy – Discover How to Unleash Your Natural Psychic Energy With Binural Beats (Fun!)

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In this article we are going to discuss psychic energy. If you are anything like most of the people that we speak to online regarding the development of psychic powers, you most certainly have heard of psychic energy. Whether referred to as “chi”, prana, kundalini, chakras, subtle energies or any other esoteric and exotic terminology, the simple truth is that many believe this is THE vital life force that is imbued within all living things! And tapping into this cosmic consciousness is FAR easier to do than to intellectually debate and describe….my FAVORITE method for doing it FAST is through using sound technology like binural beats.

Psychic Science – Is There Real Science Behind Psychic Phenomena? (This Will Surprise You!)

Let’s take a closer look at psychic science for a few minutes…and examine whether there is any REAL evidence of the paranormal in the lab. The simple truth is that many people who BELIEVE they may have psychic gifts…..or even believe it’s possible to develop them, are restrained and reluctant to pursue the path. Why? Easy..:-) The stigma – socially and scientifically (if you are in that field) is TREMENDOUS, as most conventional minds will tell you exploring the impossible is simply a waste of valuable time.

Psychic Exercises – How to Manifest Paranormal Powers Through Psychic Exercises (These DO Work!)

In this article we are going to discuss psychic exercises! The simple truth is that similar to just about ANY other ability you can learn, cultivate and create through hard work, practice and exercise, so TOO can you “work out” those less obvious psychic muscles as well. Let’s take a quick look at some recommended methods below! Read on.

Are We All Connected?

We are all linked to someone. Whether we like it or not, at anytime anyone that desires can tap into our stream of consciousness. Many researchers have been stumped for years conducting tests in ESP.

Spiritual Ability

As we filter through the enlightenment maps that we have gathered throughout our mystical journeys, one creates an index of core spiritual experiences, where we draw upon our inner ability, to completely and wholly, understand these events.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

What is Remote Viewing? The Dirty Secret About Psychic Mind Powers (& How You Can Discover Yours)

In this article we are going to examine the phenomenon of remote viewing…or seeing at a distance. Now, as I’m sure you have already guessed, there exists PLENTY of controversy about this exciting esoteric science, with many scientists and skeptics claiming it’s complete rubbish. The unfortunate fact for them of course….is that STUNNINGLY successful remote viewing experiments have been conducted for well over 25 years convincing skeptics and believers alike. ( and continue up to this VERY minute, as you read this article) Read on as we take a closer look.

Dealing With Negativity – How To Overcome Negative Forces

The negative feelings that are harbored by the individuals hamper the physical self of the individual. The competition between people and the obsession towards money and power causes many negative in the minds of individuals. These thoughts are pessimistic and leads to feelings like abhorrence, gluttony, invidious, sloth and much more. We have a mechanical and technical world around us.

Using Runes In Psychic Self-Defense – Secrets Mages Do not Reveal

Everything in existence has essence. It is indestructible and natural. However, it can change form sometimes.

Self Development And Psychic Self-Defense – Unlimited Benefits Unleashed!

Modern technology and society are not always people-friendly. Governments tell us what do to. Technology tells us what to think. Somewhere in the process, people have lost much of their ability to think independently and to think with their hearts.

Cultivating Psychic Self Defense – How To Make Your Aura More Powerful

Your aura is the impression you carry of your true identity, which may or may not be visible to others around you – though they may feel it at times.

When Guidance is Misleading – Channeling and Contact With Spirits

Channeling and contact with spirits is now a widespread phenomenon in which a soul on the internal plans communicates with a physical media through a series of transcendental abilities. The messages are often received aural – as a single voice (clairaudiance). They can also receive visual, where the message is seen in pictures and colors (telepathic clairvoyance). Telepathy is also a possibility. Her message is perceived as ideas generated in the mind without hearing and visual sensations. Today we are witnessing an incredibly extensive literature that claims to be created as part of a contact with the spiritual world. There is no doubt in my mind that this contact has brought us wonderful insights, as for example, has been through HP Blavatskys, Alice Baileys and Lucille Cedercrans’ writer.

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Everything You Need To Run Your Online Business For Free - Get Your Free Lifetime Account Now