Spend A Day With Us In New Orleans ⚜ Metaphysical Shops, Beignets, Dinner & Cocktails @FreSpeaks

Spend A Day With Us In New Orleans ⚜ Metaphysical Shops, Beignets, Dinner & Cocktails @FreSpeaks

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Join us for an unforgettable day in the lively city of New Orleans filled with spiritual exploration, delicious cuisine, and delightful cocktails. In this article, we will take you on a journey through some of the city’s best metaphysical shops, where you can discover unique gifts and immerse yourself in the local culture. We’ll also treat you to some tasty beignets, a New Orleans culinary staple, and cap off the day with a mouth-watering dinner and cocktails at one of our favorite spots. So come along and let’s explore the vibrant energy and charm of New Orleans together with FreSpeaks.

Spend A Day With Us In New Orleans ⚜ Metaphysical Shops, Beignets, Dinner & Cocktails @FreSpeaks


New Orleans is a city full of vibrant culture, fascinating history, and delicious food. It is a unique destination that brings people from all over the world together. In this article, we will be taking you on a journey through the city, exploring some of the best metaphysical shops, dining experiences, and entertainment venues on offer. Our guide for the day will be none other than Fre, (@FreSpeaks) content creator extraordinaire. Her recent video promoting the Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck has piqued our curiosity, and we’re ready to immerse ourselves in the magic that New Orleans has to offer.

Metaphysical Shops

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Our first stop for the day is the Esoterica Metaphysical Shop. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, this shop stocks everything from crystals to tarot cards, candles to spiritual books. A welcomed retreat from the bustling streets outside. After browsing the shop, Fre shares with us her favourite decks and gives us a live reading with the Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck. We’re blown away by the accuracy and insight that the cards provide.

Our next stop is Hex: Old World Witchery. This shop is a must-see for anyone interested in witchcraft or paganism. Its shelves are lined with all manner of magical ingredients – herbs, oils, candles, and more. The owner even carves intricate walking sticks and canes that are simply breathtaking. Fre has brought us here for one reason – to try our luck with love magick. Using herbs and crystals, we create unique mixtures for a successful romantic future.

Beignets, Dinner & Cocktails

After a morning of enlightenment and channeling, it’s time for some nourishment. We head to Cafe Du Monde for some classic N’awlins fare – beignets. The warmth of the fried dough, covered in powdered sugar, melts in our mouths. The coffee is strong, perfect for the lively conversation between us.

We’re heading to the Frenchmen Street for dinner and drinks. It’s the spot were locals hide. We dine on fresh seafood, dirty rice, and greens. Fre shares with us some of her favourite cocktails and makes a toast to the freedom and energy of the city.


As the day comes to an end, we reflect on the experiences shared. New Orleans is a truly unique city, full of mystery and magic. The metaphysical shops, beignets, dinner, and cocktails are just the tip of the iceberg for what this city has to offer. We’re grateful for the magical experience Fre has provided us, and we’re ready for our next adventure.

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5 Unique FAQs

Q: Who is Fre?
A: Fre (@FreSpeaks) is a content creator who shares her insights into tarot, astrology, and metaphysical practices on various social platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. she is also active on her socials for her writing.

Q: Where can I buy the Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck?
A: The Secret Art of Love Oracle Deck can be purchased on secrettarot.net or shuffled-ink.myshopify.com.

Q: Does Fre offer private tarot readings?
A: No, Fre does not offer private readings. She shares her knowledge through her content online.

Q: What is the disclaimer for tarot readings?
A: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not replace professional services. Please use discretion and seek licensed professionals when necessary.

Q: Is there a way to support Fre’s channel?
A: Yes, Fre provides a link to her channel for donation in her socials. Any contribution is appreciated and fuels her creativity.

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