TAURUS : This New BEGINNING Could Happen At Any Moment | Weekly November Zodiac #tarot #shorts

TAURUS : This New BEGINNING Could Happen At Any Moment | Weekly November Zodiac #tarot #shorts

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Taurus individuals may find themselves on the brink of an exciting new beginning as they delve into the weekly November Zodiac forecast. They anticipate the possibility of unexpected opportunities materializing at any given moment. With their steadfast nature and determination, Taurus embraces the potential for positive transformations, awaiting a potential turning point on their unique journey. #tarot #shorts

TAURUS: This New BEGINNING Could Happen At Any Moment | Weekly November Zodiac #tarot #shorts


In this captivating video created by Soulful Revolution, renowned spiritual practitioner MJ takes us on a transformative journey into the realm of Taurus for the month of November. Through her unique tarot reading, she provides valuable insights and guidance for Taurus individuals as they navigate through life, relationships, and personal growth. This article explores the key highlights of the video and sheds light on the wisdom shared by MJ.

MJ’s Offerings and Classes

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MJ offers a diverse range of memberships and classes to cater to the spiritual needs of her followers. The Healing Heart Group, Astrology Chart Mastery, The Pathfinders Group, and YouTube Membership are some of the fascinating memberships available, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in a supportive and uplifting community. With MJ’s astute guidance, these memberships provide a nurturing space where members can explore their spirituality and connect with like-minded souls.

The featured classes by MJ are equally captivating and insightful. Astrology Basics: Unlock the Power of October empowers individuals to delve into the enigmatic world of astrology and unlock the secrets of the stars. The Spiritual Business Accelerator class offers valuable tips and insights for those looking to merge their spiritual practices with entrepreneurship. Moreover, MJ’s Tarot Class – Wisdom of the Tarot and the Karmic Pathway Bundle are not to be missed, offering a comprehensive understanding of tarot and karmic patterns.

Soulful Revolution and Channeling Guides

Soulful Revolution is a profound YouTube channel dedicated to spiritual journeys and channeling guides to support and enlighten others. It serves as a sanctuary where individuals can find solace, inspiration, and soulful companionship. With a wide range of videos covering various spiritual topics, Soulful Revolution has gained a substantial following who eagerly anticipate each new upload.

To stay connected with the enlightening content and vibrant community, followers can easily find Soulful Revolution on various social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok serve as additional outlets for followers to engage with like-minded individuals, share their experiences, and further their spiritual journeys.

The Empress Club and Website

For those seeking deeper connection and expanded learning opportunities, The Empress Club provides a gateway to a thriving community, where individuals can share their experiences and support one another. This exclusive club offers a range of benefits, including access to premium content, member-only events, and the chance to connect with MJ personally. The Empress Club serves as a sanctuary for personal growth, spiritual exploration, and meaningful connections.

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To explore and learn more about MJ’s offerings, a visit to the Soulful Revolution website is highly recommended. The website provides a comprehensive hub for all resources including classes, memberships, decks, and in-depth guidance. With user-friendly navigation and a visually appealing interface, the website serves as a go-to resource for individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Taurus: Embracing New Beginnings

In this mesmerizing tarot reading, MJ focuses on Taurus individuals who are currently in the process of embracing new beginnings in their lives. The reading suggests that Taurus is working towards moving on from a situation that no longer serves them. There is a sense of determination and resilience as Taurus takes the necessary steps to invite positive changes into their lives.

However, the reading emphasizes the need for closure before Taurus can fully manifest the new beginnings they seek. There might be an ending that needs to occur in order for Taurus to let go of the past and move forward with confidence. This ending could be tied to a person or a situation that has been holding Taurus back from reaching their full potential.

Furthermore, the tarot cards indicate that the person Taurus is dealing with has connections to Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Cancer, and Virgo. This person is also going through their own healing process, allowing them to grow and resolve past issues. The reading encourages Taurus to approach this person with compassion and understanding, recognizing that healing is a shared journey.


  1. Can I book a personal reading with MJ?
    No, Soulful Revolution does not offer personal readings. MJ provides guidance and spiritual insights through her Youtube channel and other online platforms.

  2. Why is it important to avoid responding to readings via social media or online comments?
    Responding to readings through social media or online comments might not provide an accurate and personalized experience. It’s crucial to engage in a dedicated and structured environment to ensure the quality and authenticity of the guidance received.

  3. Where can I find MJ’s tarot decks?
    MJ uses different tarot decks in her readings, and they can be ordered directly from the Soulful Revolution website. Check out the website for a selection of decks to enhance your spiritual practice.

  4. How can I connect with other like-minded individuals?
    Soulful Revolution offers various platforms for connection, including their website, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok. Feel free to join the vibrant community and engage with others on the same spiritual journey.

  5. What is The Empress Club?
    The Empress Club is an exclusive membership offering additional resources, guidance, and connection opportunities for individuals looking to deepen their spiritual journey. Visit the Soulful Revolution website to learn more about the benefits of joining this esteemed club.


In this captivating video by Soulful Revolution, MJ eloquently guides Taurus individuals towards embracing new beginnings and releasing the past. Through her profound tarot reading, MJ offers insights, wisdom, and powerful messages to help Taurus individuals navigate their journey with grace and resilience. With various memberships, classes, and resources available through Soulful Revolution, individuals can continue their spiritual growth and explore the mysteries of life with MJ as their trusted guide.

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