Type your Questions for Yes✅ or No ❌ Check your Weekly Guidance Here #shorts

Type your Questions for Yes✅ or No ❌ Check your Weekly Guidance Here #shorts

How Can I Talk to a Medium For Free? The 2 Things You Must Do Before Ever Calling a Medium

Who else is thinking about seeing a medium? Are you interested in contacting someone on the “other side” but aren’t quite sure which medium to call or visit? Or….like many people reading this right now, are you simply on a moderate budget, and are worried about spending too much money on your first (or next) consultation with a medium? If you are like I used to be…the simple truth is that you DON’T have much money to spend on speaking to a medium, yet you are DETERMINED to only speak to someone will authentic and special skills.

Are Tarot Readings Accurate? Learn 3 Things You Must Do to Get an Accurate Tarot Reading

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Who else is interested in getting a tarot card reading? If you are anything like I was when I first got started on the psychic path, trying to understand “how” tarot worked is probably a challenge. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that for the first few years of my own psychic journey (in getting just about EVERY type of reading under the sun…no pun intended..:-) I wasn’t even quite sure that I BELIEVED tarot was a genuine instrument for psychic insight at all.

Psychic Proof – Learn the Underground Truth About Psychic Abilities They Don’t Want You to Know!

Who else is looking for psychic proof? Are you excited about learning about psychic abilities and genuine readers, intuitives, clairvoyants and mediums, yet are still stuck on skeptical? If you are… the simple truth is that you are NOT alone! Many people are excited, enthusiastic and encouraged by what they know about psychic abilities, but are simply unsure about the PROOF that pretty much shows that psychic abilities are true. Are you one of us? (because I certainly was!) If you are… read on because I’ve written THIS article with YOU in mind!

Low Cost Psychic Readings – How to Tell If a Free Psychic is a Fraud! (All Fakes Beware!)

Who else is considering getting a free, or super inexpensive psychic reading? If you are anything like I was when I first got started exploring psychic phenomena, the simple truth is that you are probably using PRICE as the primary way to pick your readings, right? It’s true… and especially when economic times get tough, the cheaper the ad or offer, the more POPULAR a psychic (or network) can become.

The Best Psychic Mediums Ever – 2 Facts About Famous Psychic Mediums You Won’t Believe (All True!)

Who else is interested in learning more about the BEST psychic mediums ever? If you are anything like I am, you’re probably super interested in all sorts of psychic facts, and figures… and love to research things that other people (mistakenly) believe is IMPOSSIBLE, right? It’s true… and in the area of psychic mediumship, learning how to separate the fact from the fiction is truly an incredible journey into the unknown!

The Best Psychic Networks – 3 Easy Ways to Tell If a Psychic Service is Good

Who else is looking for the best psychic network? If you are actively thinking about getting a reading… you really SHOULD be hoping for the best, don’t you agree? It’s true…and to be totally honest, when I first became interested in psychic readings and ESP many years ago, I spent a good amount of my time searching for the very BEST individual intuitive’s and telephone networks I could find. (this was a little bit before the advent of the online networks so commonly available today)

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The Pranic Principle – Prana, Orgone, and Spiritual Energy in the Universe and Nature – Part 1

There seems to exist an amazing “something” or mysterious form of energy in nature called “prana” by most yogic traditions and “chi” by certain eastern philosophies. Yogis and mystics have been aware of some rather sublime facts of nature long before western science ever acknowledged such things. Today, only the frontier scientists and physicists seem to acknowledge the existence of finer forms of matter not detected in the atom smasher, which may in fact be the basic building blocks of the finest atomic particles.

Develop and Test Your Psychic Skill

Have you ever reached for a ringing phone and knew the caller before answering (without using caller id to cheat)? Have you taken a different route to work for some unknown reason, only to find out that there was an accident on your usually route that would have made you 30 minutes late? If you have had these types of experiences then you may have tapped into your psychic ability. I believe that we are all born with this ability but external pressures often force it from our conscious mind. If you have had, some kind of unexplained feeling, event or just curious, you owe it to yourself to validate your power by taking a psychic test.

The Pranic Principle – Prana, Orgone, and Spiritual Energy in the Universe and Nature – Part 2

Large bodies of water seem to contain this prana and I feel that it must be, like water, a major and very important “building block” of who we are, otherwise we would not be so pleasantly sensitive to its existence as a source of blessing and nourishment to our souls and as such a powerful and perhaps necessary source of energy for our bodies. Prana is a vital part of yoga; it is the energy that transforms and enlightens every portion of one’s being and a source of great happiness.

The Pranic Principle – Prana, Orgone, and Spiritual Energy in the Universe and Nature – Part 3

While traveling at high speeds either by car, train, speedboat, and plane in addition to the obvious sensation of acceleration and deceleration there is, quite noticeable, some sort of uplifting thrill of being alive especially where there is the closest contact and maximum friction possible with the rushing of wind and/or water. Much of this effect is caused by the friction of air and/or moisture against the boat, car or plane.

Help! How Can I Find an Online Psychic Who is Real? Discover the Dirty Secret of Online Readings

Who else is looking for an online psychic readings that truly is REAL? If you are anything like I was when I first started exploring psychic phenomena, one of the most exciting days is when you have your first (or next) reading planned! There is an exhilaration…a sense of excitement and a great feeling of magic, mystery and wonder about what’s coming next.

Don’t Get Ripped Off – Know Your Psychic!

In today’s Internet, there are many fraudulent websites trying to take your money and the psychic field is not different. It is important that you recognize some of the distinguishing factors that determine a legitimate psychic or website. Everyone is born psychic it is up to you to make sure you nourish the gift to reach its full potential and some people will use this as an excuse to start their own psychic website. If you feel that you may have psychic ability then you should be careful as you surf around looking for a psychic test.

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