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Virgo July 2022 ❤️💲 YOUR FUTURE Depends On This IMPORTANT CONVERSATION Virgo!! Tarot Reading

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Never Deny The Spirit Behind Things

Everything is made of energy and motion, subtle or not so subtle. With that said, I begin this article. Recently, I have been thinking deeply about the nature of reality.

Return of the Killer

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1939, the Athenia is the last passenger ship from Europe as war is declared. It is attacked by a submarine, then in 1941 an officer from the Athenia and the German U-Boat commander cross paths again.

Ghost Ship Circles

Two ships collide in fog. One is thought to have sunk but returns time and time again.

The Message in a Bottle

The Message in the Bottle The message in the bottle was an old, mysterious story of the sea. Few fictional messages have had so strange an origin, and so dramatic an effect as the real message picked up by one of the crew of the Araguary in the South Atlantic on 4th May 1882. The Brazilian gunboat Araguary was patrolling near the mouth of the River Amazon when the crew spotted a sealed bottle with a card inside, floating on the surface.

Aliens Visiting Earth?

The question of alien visitations to Earth is considered a valid question and worthy of further scientific study, according to one physicist. This query of alien visitation stems from a broader question that asks whether we humans are alone in the universe.

Exploring the Past

I will never forget my first past life regression. I had been searching for spiritual meaning for quite some time, what the church was teaching just didn’t seem to answer all my questions, there seemed to be something missing, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe church doctrine, but there had to be more. I had been sensing that there was really life after death, not the life most of us had bought into, but a real life on real planet earth, I had seen visions of my living in a different time and place, a time before the twentieth century. It was time to investigate. As I read the local paper one evening, I came upon an ad a local hypnotist had placed, the ad said he could cure smoking with hypnotism, my interest was peaked. I had read how people had undergone hypnosis and recalled lives they led in a time before this one. This was new uncharted territory and it took some time before I mustered up the courage to call him.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

A Soul Lives In All Lives Simultaniously

It is said in the bible and many other religious and spiritual writings that God is Omnipresent, meaning that he/she is in all places and all realities at once. We humans, being a part of “All that is” are a part of God and thus it only makes sense that if God is Omnipresent, we, being a part of him are also Omnipresent also, we are in all places at all times. From personal experience I can verify that this is true. I had an occasion where a fellow worker said that an acquaintance told him he had seen myself and another coworker at a certain location at a certain time. When I was informed of this, and the person involved described us perfectly, I immediately stated that we had been there.

The Aboriginal Dream Time In Modern Day Life

The Australian Aborigines believe in their Dream Time that we dream about something before we actually do it, In other words, if we are planning on traveling to a distant city, we actually dream about it and in our subconscious mine know what the final result will be before the actual journey begins. If we were as in tune to nature as they are, we would then be able to comprehend the future, and if something was to occur we didn’t want to participate in, we could change it before it happened.

How Do We Create Our Human Life

Often times, when discussing free will with others, they will agree that we all have free will, the freedom to choose how and where to live our lives. But suddenly the barriers go up when we suggest we have free will and by having that freedom, we choose where and to whom we are born. Suddenly, that is God’s choice and we have nothing to do with it. How can we have free will to live our lives as we choose and not have the freedom to choose into what circumstances we are born? Free will is free will, either we have it or we don’t.

Can Black Magic Help You Lose Weight?

Can Black Magic help you lose weight? Does a Weight Loss Spell really work?

Can Black Magic Make You Rich?

Can Black Magic make you rich? Do Wealth Spells work?

UFOs: Listen To The Pilots, Not The Pundits

Chuck Yeager, the military pilot who first broke the sound barrier in 1947, typifies what I faced as a child from my dad and his pilot buddies. Yeager was asked if he ever saw a UFO on Twitter. He said, “No. I don’t drink before I fly.” I beg to differ and I think that statement was an unnecessary insult to credible pilots who have decided to go on record with their own sightings and encounters. The Twitter answer is obviously his public statement. However, I very clearly remember that he said something very different in the 1960s.

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