#Virgo : There’s A LIE At The Heart Of This Situation | #NorthNode & #Moon | Full #Zodiac #May2023

#Virgo : There's A LIE At The Heart Of This Situation | #NorthNode & #Moon | Full #Zodiac #May2023

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As we enter the month of May 2023, the North Node and Moon are aligning in a powerful conjunction with the Virgo zodiac sign. However, there is something amiss in the cosmos, as there seems to be a lie at the heart of this situation. Join us as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the stars and explore what this alignment could mean for Virgos and all zodiac signs.

Virgo: There’s A LIE At The Heart Of This Situation | #NorthNode & #Moon | Full #Zodiac #May2023


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As we move towards the full zodiac in May 2023, we need to pay attention to the movement of the North Node and Moon through Virgo. The North Node energy is all about Virgo’s mission and path, whereas the Moon represents their heart’s desires. So, let’s dive deep into what the Virgo North Node and Moon in Virgo can imply.

Virgo North Node and Moon in Virgo: Creating Structure and Supporting Healthy Well-being

When Virgo is the North Node, the universe’s energy is about creating structure and supporting healthy well-being. As a Virgo, you are highly organized, analytical, and practical. You take immense pride in being of service to others, but it’s essential to remember that you matter too.

The Moon’s energy adds a layer of emotional depth to Virgo’s practical personality. It reminds you to pay attention to your feelings, instincts, and intuition, so you don’t become detached and robotic.

Pisces Energy: Having No Boundaries but is Ungrounded

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

The Pisces energy, on the other hand, represents having no boundaries but being ungrounded. When you disregard boundaries, you open yourself up to absorbing other people’s energies, which can be detrimental to your growth. It’s crucial to remember that boundaries are healthy and necessary.

Reading Analysis: Tower Moment and Letting Go

In the reading, it suggests that Virgo may face a tower moment due to a wound caused by someone coming into their life and destroying their peace. The universe is signaling it’s time to let go of this person. They might be an addiction and not healthy for Virgo’s growth. It can be difficult to let go of someone who we’ve built a strong connection with, but remember that letting go will create space for something more positive to enter your life.

Choosing the Virgo North Node Path

Choosing the Virgo North Node path will be healthy for Virgo. It will help you stay grounded while you create structure and support healthy well-being. When you integrate your emotions and intuition with your practical personality, you’ll find a balance that will serve you well in life.

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The energy of the Virgo North Node and Moon in Virgo can be peaceful if we pay attention to our emotions, prioritize our well-being and create structure. It’s crucial to let go of relationships that no longer serve us and embrace those that uplift us. Remember, boundaries are healthy and necessary, and choosing the Virgo North Node path will serve us in the long run.


  1. Can the Virgo North Node energy be overwhelming?
  • If Virgo’s energy is overwhelming, take a breath and remember to create boundaries. Remember that you matter too.
  1. How can I integrate my emotions and intuition with my practical personality?
  • Take time to pay attention to your feelings, instincts, and intuition. Write them down or meditate on them.
  1. How can I let go of a relationship that no longer serves me?
  • It can be difficult to let go, but remember that your growth is more important. Seek support from friends and family.
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