Weekly H O R O S C O P E✴︎ Angels Message for You | 27th Sept to 3rd Oct | October Tarot Reading

Weekly H O R O S C O P E✴︎ Angels Message for You | 27th Sept to 3rd Oct | October Tarot Reading

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Physic Mind Reading Scientists Say Reality in 10 Years

Genuine Physic mind reading has recently come to be a step closer after scientists revealed that they could predict a person’s memory merely by looking at the electrical activity of their mind. Scientists have established that spatial memories can be downloaded and read by a brain scanner so that it is feasible to foretell automatically where someone visualizes themselves to be without in reality questioning them.

Learn Easy Mentalism Effects in Easy Ways

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Magic mentalism effects can be learnt even by a twelve or thirteen year old with easy to follow steps. It is the trick of mind reading and that is what famous magicians do to map the mind of the audience.

April Fools Day – The Psychic Connection

April Fools day is known around the world and is usually a day of jokes and pranks. Many do not realize however that it is also the day of the Pigasus Awards. These awards were created by James Randi a known psychic skeptic to expose psychic frauds and have been given to many different people and institutions. Learn about their famous flying pig trophies and who some of their famous past recipients have been.

Natasha Richardson – A Spiritual Understanding of Her Life and Her Passing

Recently I watched Larry King Live and then a bit of Andersen Cooper as they commented on Natasha Richardson’s passing. I’ve paid particularly close attention to this story since I received a concussion a few months ago and have struggled with vicious headaches and other problems since.

Psychic Abilities – Do You Possess Any?

There is much more to a psychic then just being able to predict the future. Many people possess a multitude of psychic abilities and usually specialize in one or two. Learn about the many different psychic abilities that have been documented since the beginning of time and discover if you have any of these abilities.

Online Psychics – Only Use the Best

The psychic business is booming and consequently there are literally thousands of online psychics. Learn about the different psychic avenues to explore as well as which psychics have the best reputations. Knowing what to look for can make a huge difference in finding a good online psychic and having a great psychic experience.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

Rider-Waite Tarot Cards – What Makes Them Different?

The Rider-Waite Tarot Cards are the most widely used tarot deck in English speaking countries. This article reviews its importance and how it became to exist.

Psychic Numbers? What on Earth Are They?

There are many different kinds of numerology. If you’re interested in finding psychic numbers, than you are practicing Vedic Numerology.

Life Path Numerology and You

There are two types of numerology. There is your birth day numerology, which is simply the day you were born, from the number 1 to the number 31. The other type of numerology takes your complete birthdate, reduces that down to a number, and from that, chooses your life path.

Life Numerology Made Easy

What is numerology? Well, it’s a tool to help you to learn about yourself. In reality, very few people do know themselves. Regardless of whether they are married or single, they spend all their time with other people, or if alone, watching TV or reading a book…anything to avoid having to think about themselves…thinking about what makes them tick.

Where Will You Astral Project To?

I would love to conduct a world-wide survey and ask everyone the same question: if you had the ability, where would you astral project to? I can’t even imagine the range of answers I’d receive, as I know how different people are (not to mention imaginative!).

Psychic Vampires – What Are They?

Psychic vampires are nothing new as they have been written about for centuries. Learn what a psychic vampire is and how to identify one. Find out what they’re significance is in our world today and how to protect yourself from a psychic attack.

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