Weekly Horoscope | 15 February to 21 February 2021 | Ye Hafta kaisa Rahe Ga | Zodiac Tarot Readings

Weekly Horoscope | 15 February to 21 February 2021 | Ye Hafta kaisa Rahe Ga | Zodiac Tarot Readings

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Your Love Life With Shani’s or Say Saturn’s Transit to Libra, Thula, Tula on 15th November 2011

On 15th November 2011, Saturn, the most dreaded planet after Rahu and Ketu changes signs from Virgo to Libra. Here’s a glimpse of what influences this may have to your Love Life for the next two and a half years.

Free Astrology Readings – Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

2021 PROPHECY Comes True 2 A.M. Tonight-Learn More

Free astrology readings can change your life forever. Learning how to interpret them is just as important as the reading itself. Find out about the common mistakes many of us make when reading our free astrology readings.

2 Tarot Card Reading Secrets You Really Shouldn’t Ignore (The KEY To Understanding the Tarot)

Who else is excited about getting a tarot card reading? Are you excited about discovering what the universe has in “mind” for YOU? Do you wonder if the secret to your success in life, love, lust, career and finance COULD be revealed in a simple deck of cards? Or maybe you are trying to develop psychic abilities of your own and have started to research the tarot to make it happen?

Numerology and 2012

Do you wonder about the year 2012 and its meaning? Are you concerned about current events? Do you want to look at it from a deeper perspective?

Questioning The Validity Of Astrology

Many people believe with unquestioned passion that astrology is true. However, how can this be true and is there any scientific evidence to support the claims? Lets ask some questions?

The Month of Virgo, 2011

SUMMER HANGS ON! The harvest is rich as Virgo arrives to stir up the last moments of heat while we take time to honor how we are of service and then get back to hitting those books! Communication of thought and action guides the innate talents of any Virgo, wherein this sign specializes in the detailed-oriented, pure, and healthy forms of expression, all available to us in the month ahead.

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

How A Change In Your Name Affects Your Numerology Profile

In numerology, the life path is a very important number. It is sourced from your date of birth and it is static, it cannot change. It is such an influential number that it alone can tell you about who you are, or if you are doing this for a friend, it will tell you lots of things about them. Another important number is the name number, but unlike the birth number, this can be changed, provided that you change your name or at least make an adjustment to it.

Horoscope Matching for Your Love and Marriage Compatibility Check

They capture the exact positions of the planets and stars, when the person is born. They are the information that is used by astrologers to predict opportunities and events in one’s life. From the ancient times, it has been a tradition in India, to build a chart of the new born baby, which is referred to throughout their lives.

Horoscope Compatibility – Which Ones Are Compatible?

Astrology helps in figuring out which star signs are compatible with each other thus helping you find out who’s the perfect match for you. With the help of zodiac signs and their meanings you can look at your personal lives and relationships in a unique and interesting way. These compatibility reports are written by evaluating each star sign and their characteristics.

Housecleaning and Mercury in Retrograde

I don’t rent apartments anymore, a piece of my history that is best forgotten. I was a tenured slumlord for a brief time. Not the proudest of moments.

New Moon in Virgo Horoscope: August 2011

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Virgo shows rivaling forces assessing each other. The Sun/Moon are in good aspects to Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Taurus, forming an earth signs triangle: the energies of hope (Jupiter), and Clearing (Pluto), can aid in doing the appropriate thing, even if it means that humility is in order (Virgo).

Biorhythm Compatibility – Does It Actually Work?

Biorhythm compatibility readings are a measure of how close your various biorhythm patterns match to those of someone else – usually a current or potential partner. You will find biorhythm compatibility tests available on most biorhythm websites. What you usually get are compatibility tests for the three main biorhythm readings of physical, emotional and intellectual and often an overall composite of the three.

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