Weekly Horoscope live by lisasimmi May month prediction

Weekly Horoscope live by lisasimmi May month prediction

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Welcome to our weekly horoscope live session featuring the insightful predictions of lisasimmi for the month of May. As a skilled astrologer, she will provide you with in-depth insights into the planetary movements for each zodiac sign, helping you navigate the upcoming days with grace and confidence. Stay tuned for personalized guidance that can assist you in making informed decisions and prepare for any surprises that may come your way. Without further ado, let’s dive into lisasimmi’s May month predictions!

Weekly Horoscope Live by LisaSimmi: May Month Predictions


Are you someone who keeps an eye on your horoscope, eagerly waiting for the monthly updates? If yes, then we’ve got a treat for you! LisaSimmi, a renowned tarot card reader and spiritual consultant, has come up with her predictions for the month of May. Her weekly horoscope live videos are quite popular across the globe, and people swear by her readings. In this article, we will take a closer look at LisaSimmi’s latest video and what she has in store for us in May.

May Month Predictions

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LisaSimmi’s May predictions are particularly interesting, as she provides insights on everything from love and career to spiritual guidance. Let’s take a closer look at what she has to say.


LisaSimmi starts by drawing three tarot cards for love and relationships. She explains that May is a perfect month to let go of any past hurt or grudges and start fresh. The first card she draws is the Ten of Cups, which indicates deep love and emotional fulfillment. The second card is the Knight of Cups, which represents passion and romance. The third card is the Four of Cups, which speaks about the need for emotional balance and not taking love for granted.


Moving on to career, LisaSimmi asks us to focus on our long-term goals and not get bogged down by short-term failures or setbacks. She draws the King of Wands, which symbolizes leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This card indicates that May is the perfect time to take charge of our career path and make things happen.


Finally, LisaSimmi provides some spiritual guidance for the month of May. She draws the card of The High Priestess, which represents intuition, inner wisdom, and the divine feminine. This card encourages us to tap into our intuition and look for answers within. With the hectic pace of life, it’s easy to forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, so it’s important to take a step back and connect with our higher selves.

Highlights of the Video

LisaSimmi’s weekly horoscope live videos are known for their user-friendly format, and this one is no different. To make navigation easier, she provides timestamps for each section. This means viewers can easily jump to the love, career, or spiritual guidance section, depending on their interests.

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LisaSimmi makes it clear that the contents of the Tarot Reading are not legally binding. While her readings are quite accurate, viewers must consult a professional for any major decisions or actions taken based on the reading.

How to Get in Touch with LisaSimmi

If you’re interested in a personal reading or consultancy, LisaSimmi provides her contact and connection details at the end of the video. You can find her website, Instagram, and email, as well as the video link, channel link, Instagram, and Facebook links.


So, there you have it – LisaSimmi’s May month predictions. Her weekly horoscope live videos are quite popular for a reason – her readings are always accurate, insightful, and uplifting. We hope you found this article helpful in understanding what May has in store for you. Stay tuned for more updates and keep watching LisaSimmi’s weekly horoscope live videos for all the latest predictions!


  1. Are LisaSimmi’s tarot readings accurate?
    Yes, LisaSimmi’s tarot readings are quite accurate, but it’s important to remember that the contents of a Tarot Reading are not legally binding.
  2. Can I make major decisions based on LisaSimmi’s readings?
    No, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional before making any major decisions based on tarot readings.
  3. Where can I find LisaSimmi’s contact details?
    You can find LisaSimmi’s contact details at the end of her video. She provides her website, Instagram, and email.
  4. What other types of tarot readings does LisaSimmi offer?
    LisaSimmi offers a variety of tarot readings, including love tarot reading, career tarot reading, spirit guide tarot reading, and past life tarot reading.
  5. What is the purpose of LisaSimmi’s YouTube channel?
    The purpose of LisaSimmi’s YouTube channel is to uplift, motivate, and boost confidence in creating one’s dream life.

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