What is happening in Near future #freetarotreading #pickacard #lisasimmi #crystal #shorts

What is happening in Near future #freetarotreading #pickacard #lisasimmi #crystal #shorts

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Looking for some insight into what the future holds? Look no further than my #freetarotreading pick-a-card videos! Join me, Lisa Simmi, as I delve into the mysteries of the crystal and offer up guidance and advice on what the near future may have in store for you. With my expertise as a respected tarot reader and my skill in using short-form video content on platforms like #shorts, you can trust that my readings will be both informative and engaging. So go ahead and pick a card – let’s see what the universe has in store for you!

What is Happening in the Near Future?

Are you curious about what the future holds? Maybe you are looking for some guidance or insight for the upcoming events in your life. One popular trend that has been gaining traction is tarot card reading. People all over the world are turning to tarot card readings to gain clarity and guidance in their lives.

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In this article, we will explore the world of tarot card reading, specifically, free tarot card readings, pick-a-card readings, Crystal readings, and the famous tarot guru Lisa Simmi. We will delve into what each of these readings entails, how they work, and what you can expect from them.

What are Free Tarot Card Readings?

Free tarot card readings are a form of tarot reading that anyone can access without charge. Many websites offer these readings and they can be done from the comfort of your own home. Free tarot card readings give you a brief insight into your past, present, and future, and help you gain an understanding of the energy surrounding you.

Some popular websites that offer free tarot card readings are Biddy Tarot, Lotus Tarot, and Tarot Card Reading Club. These sites offer a range of spreads, from 1-card spreads to more complex Celtic cross spreads.

Pick-a-Card Readings

Pick-a-card readings are another popular form of tarot readings. They are like the free tarot card readings mentioned above, but instead of a spread of cards, you pick one card from the deck with a specific question or intention in mind. Then you receive the message behind that card by the tarot reader.

Pick-a-card readings are perfect for those who have a specific question or concern. They offer direct insight and guidance on a specific issue and can help you gain clarity and move forward. Some popular pick-a-card readers on YouTube include “This Might Hurt Tarot” and “Angel’s Oasis Tarot.”

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Crystal Readings

Crystal readings are a form of divination that uses crystals to help with healing, guidance and gain insight. The reader will choose the right crystal based on your intention or question, then will interpret the crystal’s energy and the message it holds.

Crystal readings are great for those who are looking for something beyond tarot card readings. Crystals are believed to have unique properties and energies that can offer insight and support. If you are interested in learning more about crystal readings, check out “Truly Intuitive’s” YouTube channel.

Lisa Simmi

Lisa Simmi is a well-known tarot card reader who has turned her passion for tarot into a full-blown career. Her YouTube channel, “Lisa Simmi Tarot & Guidance,” has amassed over 700k subscribers, making it one of the top tarot-related channels on YouTube.

Lisa is known for her spot-on readings and relatable advice. She is a go-to source of inspiration for many seeking guidance and direction in their lives. If you are interested in learning from Lisa or watching her give some amazing readings, head to her YouTube channel.


In conclusion, tarot card reading is a fascinating practice that can offer insight and guidance for your life. With the rise of the internet, it has become more accessible than ever before, with free readings available at the click of a button. Whether you prefer tarot cards or crystals or want to learn from the best tarot readers like Lisa Simmi, there is something for everyone.

Take some time to explore and find what resonates best with you. Remember, the future may be uncertain, but with the right guidance and a little bit of intuition, you can create the life you want.


  1. Can free tarot readings provide accurate readings?
  • Yes, free tarot card readings can provide accurate guidance and insights, but they are usually shorter and less in-depth than paid readings.
  1. How often should I get my tarot cards read?
  • This is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to get their tarot cards read weekly or monthly, while others only do it occasionally.
  1. What is the difference between a pick-a-card reading and a traditional tarot reading?
  • A pick-a-card reading is focused on answering a specific question, while a traditional tarot reading covers the past, present, and future in a more general manner.
  1. Is it necessary to believe in crystals to receive guidance from a crystal reading?
  • No, you don’t have to believe in crystals to receive guidance from a crystal reading. However, being open-minded can help you gain the most from the experience.
  1. Can tarot readings predict the future?
  • Tarot readings cannot predict the future with certainty. Instead, they offer guidance and insight to create a better future.

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