YES✅ or NO❌? ASK ANY QUESTION ~ Pick A Card~ ☯ PENDULUM READING ☯ ✨Tarot Reading✨ Timeless

YES✅ or NO❌? ASK ANY QUESTION ~ Pick A Card~ ☯ PENDULUM READING ☯ ✨Tarot Reading✨ Timeless

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Cats and Other Mysteries

It was a glorious Sierra summer. Mysteries were everywhere. I was relishing the fragrant smell of warm pine needles while reading my newest shamanic book, “Dance of the Four Winds.”

Your House Number Numerology Profoundly Influences All Aspects of Your Life

Your house, apartment or unit number interacts with the frequency of your own individual numerology to determine whether you live in harmony or discord. Your lifestyle and personality traits are affected by the vibrations set up by particular house numbers. Love, relationships, health, money, happiness and general abundance aspects of your life are all impacted by your house number.

2 Psychic Secrets Most Readers WON’T Admit! (But We Will!)

Psychic SoulMate Sketch - Master Wang

The professional psychic industry CAN be a bit surprising to those who don’t get a chance to see it from the inside out. While there are LOTS of great psychics and mediums who are great people as well… the amount of competition, finger pointing and striving to get to the top of the totem pole SHOCKED me when I started writing about psychics professionally. As a matter of fact, the more we dug… the more “secrets” we uncovered about how some readers work, and what callers, customers and clients DON’T know, but probably should.

Email Psychic Readings

Email psychics may be something that you have never heard of. As humans we are naturally skeptical so when we have not head of something we are likely to disbelieve that that thing can work, or be for real. The trouble is that people often do not think things through when they are forming these assumptions.

Medium Readers And Where To Find Them

There are a lot of people who are interested in having a tarot card reading done, but they have no idea where to find a good medium reader. They may be skeptical about going to someone they have never heard anything about, and often times they will not just pick up the phone and call the ones that are listed in their phone book. Generally this is from a fear that they will be taken advantage of by someone that is fraudulent and practicing deceptive means of tricking people out of money.

Power Of Intuition

Everybody has the power of intuition. Have you ever been compelled to call someone, and when you did you discovered that something was wrong?

The Low Down On Clairaudience

A clairaudient reading is performed by someone that has the ability to hear music, voices, and sounds that the normal human ear does not hear. Not all of us realize that there are sounds around us other than the ones we can hear, but the people who are gifted with the talent of clairaudience can hear these things even the noises that are made by things that are not from the same realm that we are in. In a clairaudient reading the psychics that are “hearing” these sounds are not necessarily picking up vibrations in their inner ear, but…

The Zodiac Signs

The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four groups that represent the elements of the earth. The association of the sign with the element determines the personality traits commonly found among the individuals born under that sign. The following is the way that the different signs group with the elements.

Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology the zodiac signs are represented by animals. The main difference between the Chinese astrology signs and the western version is that the western version is divided into twelve months, while the Chinese version is also divisible by twelve it is twelve years and not months.

Energy Healing Tips

Energy healing is actually a branch of complementary medicine combined with alternative medicine. This type of healing is done when a healer channels energy into the person that needs it by either hands on methods, hands off methods, or even the distant method.

Crystal Readings

Often a crystal reading will be performed in order to evaluate things in your life cycle. This will include how you are affected by the things that are happening to you now, the things that have happened to you during your past, and the things that are likely to happen to you in your future.

Tips About Predictions

What is a prediction? When you are told one of these statements does it mean that they will definitely happen? Can you avoid the pitfalls that someone predicts will occur? Who has the power to do this type of fortune telling?

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Everything You Need To Run Your Online Business For Free - Get Your Free Lifetime Account Now